Monday, June 12, 2017

So, the Port blows a half million on a democrat campaign consultant, Ron Dotzauer, who then hires alleged "Republican" Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers. No conflict there, eh?

Dotzauer is an interesting guy with an interesting history.  The rag mentioned the polite parts... but because he's a fellow leftist, they seemed to leave out the not so polite parts.

First, there's Dotzauer himself.
Cantwell adviser fights to keep divorce documents sealed

Maria Cantwell was the "other woman" in lobbyist's divorce
There's political contacts. Then there's political contacts.

Second, Dotzauer's little fringe-left company, Strategies 360, doesn't have the cleanest record in politics.
EPA was kept informed as federally funded campaign to discredit farmers took shape

Marysville fined $143,740 for withholding emails in Cedar Grove dispute

Seattle lobbying firm downplays role in What’s Upstream

Mayor, city council try for 'business as usual' despite scandal

Seattle PR firms are doing “coal’s dirty work”: study

Cowlitz PUD Commissioners file 5 more charges against fired GM

Anchorage Mayoral Candidates Debate Religious Freedom, Sexual-Identity Legislation
There are others, but you get the gist.

This is who the Port of Vancouver hired.  $585,000.

Wonder if it's because he "knows" Maria Cantwell?

So... why would a fringe left democrat outfit like Dotzauer's buy themselves a saleable state senator, allegedly a Republican?  Why would Rivers be engaging in obvious conflicts of interests like getting hired by a lobbying firm that runs democrat campaigns during legislative session? 

How is it remotely possible for Rivers to even begin to avoid the HUGE appearance of conflicts of interest?

If Rivers is, as she claims, a Republican, then why is she working for an arguably democrat campaign outfit?  Clearly, Rivers has a history of listening to huge money... and once again, it appears the cash was just too big to pass up.

Is THIS why Rivers worked to bring the CRC ripoff back to life... a promised gig with Dotzauer... one of those "opportunities" he babbled about in the democratian?  Kinda like Steve Stuart screwing us on the TriMet eminent domain CTran vote gig and suddenly winding up city manager of Ridgefield?

There are, of course, zero coincidences in politics.

Dotzauer hiring Rivers SHOULD be like Jimmy Mains hiring me.  I mean, there's no way a Republican would ever work for a democrat campaign company, particularly while she is in office as a supposed Republican senator... right?

We would all be better off if she'd just quit screwing around and switch parties.

She's walking, talking, quacking, and voting like a duck, she may as well quit screwing around and start flying.

And this hiring DOES put a point on Rivers' increasingly leftist activities like resurrecting the CRC Scam and ripping us off with the massive gas tax/tab fee scam.

As Lefty Lou told us, you can tell a lot about folks by the people they hang around with.

Clearly, politics DOES make strange bedfellows.

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