Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gather 'round, 11th Commandment fans: how far does that go? And where's the suddenly silent Gellatly on THIS?

Regular readers know that I have come to despise the dishonesty and lack of integrity of my district's state senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (Fake R - 18) since she lied her way into office by promising, in writing, to oppose any gas tax or tab fee increases only to betray her district and hang a $700 million bill around the necks of every man, woman and child living in Clark County.

I've taken a great deal of flack for that position which I state repeatedly and often to remind those politically active around here how little the truth actually matters to those governing us.

That issue alone is enough to defeat her in a primary with a competent campaign and a knowledgeable candidate.  I make no bones about it, I voted democrat in 2016 because Rivers is a liar and there is no place for liars in elective office today... and don't EVEN come back at me with that "this is how business is done," schlock.

I've been hearing from those spouting the so-called 11th Commandment bumper sticker sayings and those who rely on the well-meaning but not particularly practical 80/20 rule to run their politics... which, of course, is their privilege.

Because of Rivers' demonstrated lack of integrity and a voting record that all-too-frequently would make Nancy Pelosi blush, she's far beyond the application of these rules.

And then... THEN... we discover that fringe-left democrat former philanderer Ron Dotzauer is bringing his Strategies 360 road show to town because the Port of Vancouver felt compelled to hire this guy... who then proceeded to announce the hiring of a REPUBLICAN state senator during session... to work for him.
According to Jeff Reading, the company’s vice president for communications, Strategies 360 also has hired state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, on a contract basis, to help the company identify new projects and opportunities in the area. Reading said Rivers (who didn’t respond to a call for comment) will start work after the Legislature ends its current session. In Washington, legislative service is considered part time and members frequently hold outside jobs.
Joe King would blush at the Machiavellian aspects of this.

This is a nothing-burger of a job description.  It can mean anything... or nothing... except for one thing: Rivers is going to make money off of a democrat campaign consultant.  Whether she does anything to earn it outside of her voting record in the Senate remains to be seen... and we will have absolutely no way of knowing... now, will we?

People I know are wandering around in a daze at Rivers' sudden reversal on her major position to kill the CRC Scam, an effort for which she was instrumental.  As the local Pied Piper of Politics, it's not surprising that she's dragged Lynda Wilson (R-Tracy), Brandon Vick and Paul Harris along with her in this stupidity.

But the question since it became clear that, once again, Rivers was going to betray her district and this county is simple and obvious: why?

Why would she do this?  What was her motivation? 

Her motivation for lying about the Gas Tax/Tab Fee scam?  Her motivation for failing to take the position of telling the Supreme Court to go pound sand on McCleary?  And now, her motivation on resurrecting the rip off known as the CRC?

Then along... comes... Dotzauer.

A DEMOCRAT campaign strategist gets a half-million dollar gig from the Port and among his first moves is to hire a sitting CURRENT... REPUBLICAN state senator... who just happens to be the same senator who voted against her district and with the left on the gas tax/tab fee scam and who is also one of those involved in "negotiating" McCleary... DURING the CURRENT SESSION?

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Enough should be enough.  This kind of corruption crosses party lines and all other demographics.  Loyalty to a party label used by such an obviously self-serving political hack can only go so far.

Isn't it time for the local GOP to wise up... to acknowledge what Rivers has, sadly, become?

Isn't it time for the David Gellatly traveling circus to actually acknowledge what's going on here and to act on that knowledge?  Shouldn't he be putting aside the issue of Tomi Cleavage and her pro-abortion message at the Lincoln Day Dinner to address THIS betrayal... right now?

Or are his hormones impacting his judgment to the extent that he's also going to ignore THIS outrage as well?

Where's the hair-trigger lip of the party chair on THIS issue?  Where's his posse of sock-puppets on THIS insanity?  Why, it's like they disappeared.

All I hear is cricket chirps.  And as the leader of the band, we should be hearing much more than that from him on this.

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