Friday, February 12, 2016

Yet another example of why it doesn't matter if the GOP controls the state senate or not: SB6443, the bill to roll back the transgender insanity bathroom/locker room rule, goes down to defeat.

Session before last, it was the stupidity of the state level Dream Act bill that gave illegal aliens in-state tuition and, by definition, shut out some actual citizens from attending state universities... passed through a GOP-controlled senate.

Last session, it was the political betrayal of the gas tax/tab fee increase scam, supported by Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

THIS session, it was SB6443, the bill to roll back the insanity of the real gender doesn't matter rule, that allows anyone to use any bathroom or shower facilities, private or public, because of how THEY allegedly "feel."

Three allegedly Republican senators; Hill, Litzow and Fain screwed us all by voting with the democrats (a favorite RINO past time) to kill the bill in the senate today.

Here's the thing:

I have a daughter.  She's 22.  If this ever becomes an issue... if she's ever attacked because of this insanity... no bill will help the guy masquerading as a female that does it.

OK, all of you in the CCRINO pack, tell me again why it matters if the GOP runs the senate.

Because when I look at this political betrayal, I, frankly, am drawing a blank.

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