Friday, April 21, 2017

REAL ID: A clue as to why the GOP-controlled state senate is screwing us so often.

For the past several years, Clark County has been governed by mostly clueless leftists masquerading as Republicans.

Most of them utilize the Steve Stuart school of thought, where the will of the people is to be laughed at and ignored.
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people... I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
This is the prevailing political attitude locally... and it's an infection that those we elect at the legislative level have caught that is more deadly than AIDS.

We have a representative government.  Stuart was the very antithesis of that; a Venezuelan type dictator who simply stops listening and who bears zero responsibility to their constituency once we're moronic enough to vote these clowns into office.

Does anyone... for one second... believe that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was doing anything different than Stuart when she betrayed her district and this county by hanging a $700 million bill around the necks of every man, woman and child unfortunate enough to live here?

Now we're cursed by a county council dominated by leftist democrats masquerading as Republicans who simply ignore the dictates of the people of this county.  Now we're cursed by legislators who do the same, who promise nothing for fear of accountability... like Rivers, who clearly wants me dead, because *I* am going to hold HER accountable for her lies until I'm buried or she leaves politics.

This brings us to the GOP-controlled state senate.

Clearly, the local GOP legislators who did such a great job of opposing the CRC/Light Rail scam have "seen the light."

They've been bought.  Directly or indirectly.  Because they have completely flipped on the CRC/Loot Rail scam and are ignoring the reality of OTHER crossings over the River... while they act like good little leftists tools... and that never happens in a vacuum. 

Every single reason... every scintilla of corruption that existed during the LAST waste of $200 million for the CRC/Loot Rail scam that existed then, exists today.

Nothing has changed, save for TriMet being deeper in debt.

But three of the legislators who opposed that scam a few brief years ago, (Rivers, Vick and Harris) have now completely flipped.  The other, Wilson, is just doing what she's told, representing her husband in the Senate.

If nothing has changed EXternally, then something must have changed INternally.

The problem of cross-river transportation will NOT be "solved" by replacing a perfectly functional, already paid for bridge.

We will pay billions, and the difference will be that we'll be paying a toll for the privilege of sitting in traffic while we watch the utterly worthless reason for this rip off go whizzing by... frequently empty, like a new, million dollar plus bus that we also didn't want or need.

This brings us to that same GOP-controlled senate's LATEST outrage:

MOST recently, the GOP-Controlled senate chose to screw those of us who are citizens of the United States when it comes to the matter of our drivers licenses.

Federal law requires that proof of citizenship must be shown to get a driver's license if you want to use that license for identification to board aircraft or gain entrance to a military base, among other things.

This is referred to as the "Real ID Act."

I find it bizarre that showing proof of citizenship ALSO isn't required to register to vote, which many illegals do WHILE they're getting a drivers license which they should not be allowed to get in any event...

So now, in the GOP-controlled state senate's infinite wisdom, we are going to have TWO drivers licenses in this state: one that meets the requirements of the Real ID Act, and one for illegal aliens.

And guess which one is going to cost the most?

That's right: we're NOW going to pay a "citizenship penalty."

Illegals will get to pay $56 for THEIR licenses to help them remain here in violation of Federal law.

AMERICANS will get to pay $78 for OUR licenses so we can board an aircraft!

There's no reason or excuse for making this cost so much more, of course.

Certainly, there's no reason to penalize citizens in any way for this idiocy.

Only in a fake Republican Senate does this make any kind of sense whatsoever.

That's right: to get a license, it's now going to cost MORE if you're a citizen than it will if you're not.


Like the gas tax/tab fee scam, this major cost increase for citizens was the product of none other than "Republican" 14th District Senator and Senate Transportation Chair Curtis King.

Around here, which GOP Senators voted to screw us?

King, of course.
Rivers, of course.
Wilson, of course.

And they voted for it... ignoring the people... for the exact same reason as Stuart voting against the will of the people.

They don't give a damn what we think.  They simply don't care, because THEY are SO MUCH SMARTER than WE are.

So, the next time the GOP comes around asking for money while using scare tactics (Oh, My God, if we don't keep control of the Senate, the democrats will RAISE...YOUR...TAXES!) remind them that THEY have raised our taxes... by hundreds of dollars foe each one of us over just the past few years.

All without asking us.

And slam your wallets shut.

That these clowns ignore us is up to them.

That we keep reelecting these arrogant scum?

That's up to us.

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