Saturday, October 07, 2017

The Insane Clown - Davey Gellatly collection of screen captures and other pictures. (WARNING: not suitable for all ages or famly viewing)

This is a LOOOOOONG post... because there's so much in it.  But it's mostly all pictures, so the Insane Clown Posse won't have any problem understanding it.

I always enjoy starting with my personal fave... the Gellatly mug shots for one of his DUI's.  (Oddly, even if he is no longer is a drunk, he certainly acts like one)

Ahhhh, Davey... we hardly new yee.  Those things alone would have kept you from ever enlisting in the military... but since you never gave a damn about serving, that's likely irrelevant to you.

Speaking of which, this little number is where this scumbag accused ME of being DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED from the Army because, according to HIM, *I* was convicted of adultery with my then Commander's wife.

First, I have a completely and fully honorable discharge.  The Washington State Legislature, which employed me for 6 years, does not make a habit of giving work to those convicted of the military equivalent of a Class A felony: Murder, rape, robbery, grand theft, desertion, espionage... that sort of thing.

Second, it never happened, regardless of the mischaracterization of my discharge.

Did it, Senator?  Maybe it's time to start publicly chatting about certain "discharges" YOU'VE been involved with, eh?  Your family is the only reason I've kept my mouth shut about THAT.

Insane took this crap down within moments of my response.  The idea, then, that this SAME scumbag is threatening OTHERS with "defamation" suits is as laughable as he is.

Davey, for his part, then tried to excuse/lie his way out of it:

Of course, if "someone" had sent me an email claiming Insane was a child molester, he'd be fine with me just throwing it out there for the entire world to see, right?

Then this:

Davey had been feeling the heat, so he began to bring everyone he knew into SWWO to defend his hypocritical ass.

Including his Strip Club buddy.

Can't you just feature ol' Davey at a strip joint?

So... who invited this slime ball to come in and defend ol' Insane?  Let's see...

And what does this guy do for a living? Why THIS:


Kinda weird that the women in the GOP around here who work so hard to defend Insane don't seem to care about this sort of thing.

I don't know if they're blind... or stupid... or both.

Actually... "both" gets the likely nod.

Which brings me to Insane's incompetence on the LDD itself:

Well, we all know he developed a HUGE crush on Tomi Cleavage.  That, of course, was why the LDD was such an abysmal failure.

Liz Pike put on a fund raiser by herself that raised thousands more than Gellatly's bogus effort... that he lied about, prevaricated about, danced about and the whole bit.

Do you suppose he was hormonally challenged?  After all, didn't he brag about going to "Politicon" and hanging out with her some more after the LDD?

I knew the LDD was going to be an outright disaster and said as much.

As expected, it got so horrific that Insane couldn't even GIVE tickets away.

That said, some have asked why I'm so actively opposed to Insane.

First, when Geklatly failed to react to Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers getting hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm while negotiating with DEMOCRATS to give them $5.5 billion, I knew he was unfit for the job of GOP Chair.  It appeared to me that he was in the bag for the leftists as much as Rivers.

But that wa just the cherry on top.

I must admit that my biggest motivation to get this clown out of politics was when he personally attempted to threaten me and my family by getting someone to dig up our personal information (social security numbers, for example) and then threaten me with it if I refused to meet with him... also on the night of the Lincoln Day Dinner.

And then, of course, one of his infamous drunk texts from the night of the Lincoln Day Dinner...

So, there you have it in a nutshell.

As long as I live, I am going to make this scum bucket my own, personal, hobby if he's involved in politics ANYWHERE.

And each and every moron supporting him already knows all of this... and they support this punk anyway.

What does that say... about them?

Clearly, Insane Clown is utterly unfit for ANY political position in any capacity, anywhere.  ANd I'm going to do everything I legally can yto make sure everyone knows it.

In the future, when people google this idiot, guess what they're going to find?


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