Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Lincoln Day Dinner (Or whatever they call it this year) after action report.

I originally posted this May 5th.

Obviously the LDD hasn't taken place yet, but we already know what is going to be said by those still going:

"It was, without a doubt, the BEST LINCOLN DAY DINNER EVER!!!!!"

Well, I won't know that for sure because I'm not going.  And I'm likely never going

But to buy the ticket is to express approval for what has happened here and Tomi Cleavage has said and is going to say... as if the wisdom drops off of her like pearls cast before swine.

The reality here is this: no matter what happens, the Davey will tell us, repeatedly, that no LDD on earth has ever been better.  He'll give us some version of "Tomi whatsherface is better than Bill Buckley ever COULD have been!  She's the new face of ___________.  She's a brilliant political philosopher and theorist!  She should run for president! (If she ever gets old enough) and she got a standing ovation that lasted for an hour!"

Because what else can they say?

"We spent 15 large on THAT?  It was terrible.  She spent her spiel trying to defend herself from the embarrassment she has become.  She was taken out of context.  She meant what she said, of course, but not the way we took it.  And the rubber chicken menu sucked."

Not likely.

But that is what the Chair of the local party decided to do.

And whoa be unto anyone who disagrees.

I wrote that Tomi Lahren polluting the LDD was "Reason enough not to go."

That was all I wrote.

That one line.

And when the Chair of this "Big Tent" organization weighed in?  (use your browser to increase the size of this to make it easier to read.)

Playground histrionics at its finest on his part.

Because, I've got to say I am NOT the only one that shares this particular view concerning Tomi Girl.

But all of us who do are belittled, patronized, trashed, and insulted by the whiner-in-chief.

OK.   That's certainly Davey's privilege.  Just like it's mine to let all of you, including those who may absolutely agree with him, that this is not leadership.  This is ego on David's part.

It is becoming apparent that the current party hierarchy, which is sanctioning the betrayal of so many electeds in office around here today through their silence and inaction is as far out of touch as those engaging in the betrayal.  And they care just as much as those same office holders.

Not at all.

I'm sure that over the remainder of his tenure, we'll see many more tone deaf decisions that alienate many more of us who used to be bedrock conservative Republicans... but are now just conservatives.

What an interesting time it's going to be!

And, for those of you going to this kabuki theater... have fun!

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