Sunday, June 25, 2017

How weird is this: the democratian tells us that "Oregon Toll Plan Bad Idea," but they were all ABOUT screwing Clark County commuters for $8 a day...

Bizarre, isn't it?

When the rag WANTS our commuting public to be tolled $2000 per year or so to begin with to pay for a bridge replacement that we don't need, don't want, and can't afford to get loot rail in here, why, they are all OVER that.

So... why is it such a bad idea for Oregon to do... what this very same newspaper has wanted to do for well over a decade... and implement tolls?

Don't misunderstand me, I oppose tolls ANYWHERE.  That's what we're paying humongous gas taxes both here and soon in Oregon.

But how can the "champion of tolls" when it's for the bridge suddenly change their minds when it isn't?

Here's the reality... the reality the rag has known as long as they've been carrying Portland's water on the loot rail scam:

Oregon has NEVER given a rip about us.  And except for obvious moral reasons, why should they?

Clark County is Oregon's welfare source.  With horrific taxes as it is, imagine how much higher they'd be south of the Columbia River if Clark County didn't exist to pump 100's of millions of our dollars into their pathetic, quasi-socialist state.

They take the money of those working there but living here and those who make that decision to commute will now utilize their system with full disclosure ahead of time... and many (particularly those without kids) will be more likely to move back to Sodom on the Willamette... if they can find a way to pay for the ungodly high rents/real estate prices.

And except for the fact that the daily democrat, which will NOT have to commute to do business, knows that paying an already in-place toll in Oregon will galvanize even more people to oppose their bridge scam with the tolls THAT will bring in addition to the tolls Oregon wants now, the reality is they could care less about tolls.

The added irony of the democratian's snivel fest is that they laud the Washington State Legislature for jacking up the biggest gas tax and tab fee increases in our history... without asking us, of course.... but clearly, the Oregon legislature fears their constituency while the Washington Legislature doesn't even care that some of them lie to get elected... and hang a $700 Million bill around our necks... which, oddly enough, the rag failed to mention.

The rag sees the Oregon toll plan as a further obstruction to their wet dream of a loot rail bridge that will increase our already horrific Oregon tax serfdom even further... while doing nothing to address congestion, freight mobility or safety... all while piling on to the already over-burdened Oregon taxpaying commuter.


They could care less.

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