Saturday, June 24, 2017

Memo to Gellatly: my "obsession" isn't with Rivers...

... my obsession is with getting rid of liars who claim to be in the GOP.

As expected, the cowardly lion running the local GOP has no position and will take no action on the matter of an allegedly "Republican" state senator with a history of lying to her constituents to get elected; now being bought outright by a democrat campaign/consulting firm with a history of running leftist campaigns including electing candidates and tax increases, along with a history of "difficulties" when it comes to following campaign laws.

When asked about it directly, Gellatly responded thus:

KJ Hinton Swell. By the way, what are you going to do about Rivers?

David Robert Gellatly I will be boating on the River all summer! Love this weather

Now, if this moron wasn't the Party chair, that kind of gutless, cutesy response might have been appropriate.

But he is the party chair, to our everlasting shame.

That a sitting state senator allegedly of one party is hired by a campaign firm of the opposition party... while negotiating with that same opposition party over billions of dollars of our money that she will cheerfully turn over to the leftist WEA as a result; well, that smacks of a conflict of interest so obvious that clueless idiot like Gellatly should even be able to see it.

The conversation continues:
KJ Hinton David Robert Gellatly So, nothing. It would have been easier to just admit that you don't give a damn that an allegedly Republican state senator with a history of betraying her district has been hired by a leftist campaign consultant to get other leftists elected.

Next time, a simple answer addressing the question would be helpful. However, I understand the lack of testicular fortitude that resulted in the answer you provided.

David Robert Gellatly KJ Hinton, I just simply don't ever plan on contributing to your obsession with Senator Rivers. If conversations need to be had, it would not be with someone who has obsessed for years over that person, writing about them daily...

KJ Hinton I appreciate the fact that you again fail to address the issues, instead resorting to personal attacks.

I also get that you simply don't care... Or, in the alternative, you fear Gas Tax too much to act on her political betrayals.

Clearly, truth is meaningless to you. And if you actually understood your job, the idea of blowing this off would be anathema to you.

It would be one thing if what I wrote wasn't true. But everyone reading this knows that it is.

David Robert Gellatly Sorry if it's hard for you to understand, here... I am blowing off talking to YOU about anything to do with Senator Rivers, ever. Because of your past working relationship and obsession ever since. I am not attacking you, but rather refering[sic]to the facts that most, including yourself, are well aware of.

Anything else you'd like to discuss, I'd be happy to! Such as the great Soft Game we had, the packed house for tomorrow's LDD, the 45th LD, winning the Port...
Use of the word "obsession" in this context IS, of course, an "attack on me."  For Davey to claim otherwise is to show his ignorance of the language, or perhaps his self-delusion, or the reality that he really DOESN'T think the use of that kind of terminology is an attack.  It's the kind of arrogance that he's known for.

My "working relationship" with Rivers is irrelevant.  We weren't married and I am her constituent.

My "obsession," if you can call it that, is with holding politicians generally and those allegedly representing ME accountable for when they lie to get elected... and lie while they ARE elected.

It extends to the liar we have as the county clerk, the liar we have as the county auditor, the liar we had as president, the liars behind initiatives, the liars trying to once again rape us over the CRC and any OTHER liar involved in politics who can do us harm.

We are going to lose in the 45th.  We are going to lose the Port Commissioner seat to yet another Steyer Stooge.  End of discussion.

The softball game was a worthless travesty of fake civility and unification.  No matter how many times Gellatly babbles otherwise, that makes as much sense as his infatuation with Tomi Cleavage saying she's pro-life when her own words say otherwise.  The hatred still radiates from the left now as it has for years and will continue to do for years.

If the county GOP Chair has a position on Rivers' now-paid-for-betrayal of the Republican party and her constituents, he ought to put it out there.  And if he doesn't, he's an incompetent buffoon who should resign.

Because nothing he cited as reason to fail to give an indication of where he's at on this matter.  Would he, for example, respond to anyone else NOT formerly connected to Rivers?

Apparently, since the only reasons he cites are those... which are utterly worthless.

Instead of playing childish games, Dave, show some guts, take a damned position, and do your job.

After all, what's the worst that could happen if the Wizard pins the "Courage" medal on your chest?

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