Saturday, June 24, 2017

Think Illinois is a mess? What about us, and why hasn't the legislature done anything about this?

Democrats and debt.  They go hand in hand as the left buys their constituency to, well, keep them in their constituency on the premise that part of the leftist thuggery will continue to vote democrat because they think they're getting paid to do so.

That sums up the IMPOSSIBLY high leftist bribery of Illinois public employee unfunded pensions, which are a paltry $251 BILLION underfunded, according to Moody's Investor Service.  And that's in addition to the several BILLION dollar shortfall (As much as $29 Billion by 2019) in their current operating budget.

Yes, The Land of Lincoln has become a state version of the Titanic... and that "bump" they're feeling has ripped out the fiscal side of the state.

They're listing to port (left) and there is no end in sight.  It is, in fact, beyond hopeless.

Now OUR little state has it's own version of this.  The left has been using our money to buy votes since the hallmark of the Welfare State's inception.

The obviously get the welfare vote, the union vote and, of course, the illegal alien vote.

They get those votes because they pay for them, fair and square.  With our money.

Just like Illinois.  Just like a great many other states.

Lie ours.

Washington State, as of 2013, has a pension liability of $31 billion.

But that sort of thing can't be happening HERE, can it?  SURELY the GOP-controlled (For the past several years) would grab the bull by the horns and actually addressed this issue...


Of course not.

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Unknown said...

The taxpayers will see big unfunded pension liabilities so long as we have unions covering state (and local) government workers. It is too easy for public worker's unions to fund willing politicians campaigns, who will be counted upon to hand over tax dollars back to the unions that fund their campaigns. This is exactly how Illinois has become a total political wreck, with a number of other states not far behind.

The Democrats complain about "big money" in politics -- except they give exemptions to unions to so that the politicians can continue to received money (and "in kind" services) from the unions. If the Democrats were really serious about "getting the (dirty) money out of politics" they would disallow public service unions for contributing to any campaign.

Of course, the RINOs don't seem to ever make an issue out of union political spending. Long ago, we should have passed a Right to Work law to cover all workers in Washington. We should also strictly limit the political spending unions are allowed to do (and for "full transparency" the unions should report the amount spent and names of politicians benefitting from their millions in political spending. (This should include "in kind" and indirect cash support, too.)