Friday, June 23, 2017

A leftist reaction in the Ossoff loss in the GA06.

I freely admit to a "lack of civility."

Political opponents have frequently pointed to my, admittedly, occasionally "uncivil" approach at writing.  Party establishment types here locally have used it as a reason to ignore what I write, since, got forbid, the CONTENT of my words and the SUBSTANCE of those words isn't worth considering.

Well, here's a clue.

There are few around here with more political experience than I.  I'm not bragging about it, I'm merely stating a fact.

There are fewer still as immersed in this sewer than I.

My lack of civility is born out of frustration.  It's born out of being lied to, defrauded, berated and attacked when I've made a stand for holding candidates and electeds accountable not for what they say... but for what they actually do once they've been elected.

There's a big push for civility by the Establishment.  Never mind the outcome of the presidential election, which violated most rules of civility... at least as the Establishment practices it.

They long for the days of the Gipper and Speaker Tip O'Neill.

As for me, *I* long for the days where democrats were LIKE that, as opposed to what they are now.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a battle of ideas and messaging.  Democrats are losing because they remain fixated on socialism in a time where the leading face of socialism is, well, Venezuela.  They demand bigger and more expensive government as they seek income redistribution that would make Lenin blush.

Ideas presented under the veneer of "civility" are shouted down.  They are attacked and trashed.  Proven liars like Rivers are now going to be PAID to try and get leftist candidates elected and leftist initiatives passed... or, as a spokesman for serial philanderer Ron Dotzauer put it,
According to Jeff Reading, the company’s vice president for communications, Strategies 360 also has hired state Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, on a contract basis, to help the company identify new projects and opportunities in the area.
And new leftist candidates to help.

How does one remain "civil" in the face of that obvious corruption?

So, no.  I ultimately plead guilty to having tossed "civility" out the window.  The same way Lefty Lou Brancaccio trashed it years ago.  The same way John Boy Laird "cockroached" it. 

After all, isn't one motivated to write like a "professional?

So, I do.  And to the reader who complains about HOW I write in an effort to attack WHAT I write, you all can feel free to just pass me by... although for the clowns that keep complaining that I am, in ANY way, PAID to do this... they can feel free to ignore me regardless.

That said, here's a leftist who gets it.  His problem is that while he gets it, that doesn't solve the basic incompetence of leftist messaging and leftists, well, shooting people who disagree with them.

No messaging in the world can get them past that sort of thing.
4. Civility Will Never Work! Over at the The Washington Post, Paul Kane theorizes that Ossoff was too polite. “The most passionate Democratic activists have wanted a full-frontal assault on Trump and congressional Republicans, angrily denouncing party leaders for not aggressively supporting more progressive candidates,” writes Kane. “So Ossoff chose the high priest route instead of the fierce warrior. It was civil disobedience rather than civil unrest. And he still lost, by an even wider margin than the almost forgotten Parnell.” Yes, Democrats need to get more aggressive, speak more loudly, be ruder and more obnoxious. That’s the ticket! Democrats have been so befuddled by Trump that they now believe that Trump won by being vulgar, not because Hillary was an awful candidate. Never mind that Karen Handel is the most polite, milquetoast Republican candidate in recent memory and just shellacked Ossoff.
So, I take the warrior route.  And those who don't like it can feel free to block me, ignore me, or go do their gardening.

After all, I write the least read, most talked about blog around.  

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