Thursday, June 22, 2017

Leave it to the fringe-left nutjobs at the democratian to allow the Seattle City Council to tell them what to do... when it suits them.

Stupid is as stupid does and that's the only explanation for the idiocy of the rag's latest screed against the oil terminal.

The idea that because the uber-leftist Seattle City Council has ANY input on the oil terminal isn't a reason to oppose that facility; it is, instead, a reason to SUPPORT it.

The communists on the Seattle City Council should have zero impact on anything outside the boundaries of the city of my birth.  That our local democrat newsletter would cite ANYTHING they've done, said or concluded as a reason to do... or not do... ANYTHING merely goes to show how closely the leftist nutbergers of the democratian are aligned with their big city brethren.

That Seattle opposes this project and the rag uses that as a justification to oppose it obviously means that WE should simply become a rubber stamp and super-impose EVERYTHING Seattle des (or wants to do) down here... because what THEY do means SO VERY MUCH to us down here.


So now, we should implement a county-wide income tax.  You know, to mirror that moronic effort of the Seattle City Council?  And let's not forget the Seattle City Councils idiotic $25 per gun/5 cent per round ammo tax that's been such an abysmal failure.

And we, too, should approve a $54 billion loot rail plan, because, well, the people of King County voted for it.  And let's not forget the moronic soda pop per-ounce tax those idiots just saddled the people with... and in fact, let's set up needle exchanges and high rise apartments for the homeless and sharia-compliant banking for the muslim population...

Clearly, the leftists at therag see Seattle's government actions as the Way, the Truth and the Light.  In fact, let's just change our name to "Seattle South."

Remember when the scum at the Columbian told us that the waterfront development was going to stop if the oil terminal passed?  How does THAT look?  When was the last time we heard about THAT? Why doesn't the rag beat that particular drum anymore?  Why didn't they bring THAT up in this editorial: you know, "if the terminal is built, the developer walks?"  Is there ANY lie these slime won't tell?

So, they start with a reason to SUPPORT the terminal, and then build on it with lie after lie after lie.

They ignore the reality (The oil tanker cars are going to come through here REGARDLESS of whether or not this terminal is built, so screams of "derailment!" and so forth are the typical sniveling from the rag that takes place whenever something opposing their agenda happens or is likely to happen) and then lie about what will happen if this thing is approved:
The oil terminal would invite environmental degradation through a vast increase in rail cars, the possibility of derailment, and emissions during the transfer process. It would present safety risks, as demonstrated by a spate of derailments that includes a tragedy in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that killed 47 people in 2013. And it likely would do little to enhance energy availability for local residents, with the oil being shipped out of the region and, possibly, to overseas markets.
The democratian itself is responsible for the worst local journalistic degradation imaginable.  A rag where character assassination, outright falsehood, issue exaggeration (like this one... and who can forget the CRC Scam they did their best to screw us with?) are the order of the day.

They have done and are doing the most damage possible to our community.

Yet, they continue to publish.

They whine about aesthetics, as if the Port should concern themselves more about how things look than how things are.

So, no, it's not terribly surprising that these morons would trot out what the Seattle City Council thinks about an issue that has zero impact on them, because, after all, they believe every leftist in the region should dance to their tunes.

The problem here is that no one living here cares what Seattle says, what they think, or what they do.  And the rag's reliance on the Seattle Babble tends to show how weak their position is real terms... that is, beyond the leftist desire to cut off our energy use while they, themselves, us the very  product they so despise.

The reality is that it's not likely the governor, who has difficulty stringing together a coherent thought on his own, will approve this project because, after all, he isn't worried about a job or a pay check or doing anything for our trade deficit.

But the babble of the democratian, full of all the bogus, panic-stricken "might" happens, exaggerations and their typical kowtowing to the leftist agenda, contains exactly zero compelling reasons NOT to approve this project... which should go forward as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, if you leftists see Seattle as some sort of neo-communist utopia, well, gather up your crap in your shopping cart and feel free to move on up there.

After all, you all hate oil... which is what you need to make gasoline... so you wouldn't want to drive up there when you can walk...

... would you?

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Jeremy said...

On One thing that will be going on with the oil is going up the pipeline that runs north and going outside the north american markets through other through a pipeline over the river?

This is going to be Federal intervention as the river isn't state side, though it has the oregon and washington borders. The states have controls over the under world underneath the river through the state Department of Natural Resources. Probably have to get federal and state permits to do it.

IF Vancouver has a problem, they'll just start buying up the clueless. Going through the process of replacing bad Port of Vancouver commissioners. And with the clueless in Vancouver and the lack of reporting of said town, you won't see much difference.