Saturday, February 08, 2014

Quick memo to Barry Cain: we don't care. Build the terminal!

I've always supported the oil terminal project at the Port of Vancouver, and now, I support it even more.

There's an article in the excuse of a newspaper, where somebody named Barry Cain whines about the oil terminal project, claiming that it "would derail the waterfront project."

How cool is that?

Here's the thing: there's so much incest going on down there that people confuse it with Kalama.

If that's what it takes to kill your deal, then I'm fine with it. It never deserved a nickel of taxpayer dollars.  Hopefully, now, it won't get any more of them and this will be just another failure dumped on Leave-it's plate.

Build that terminal and build it now.

We need the jobs and the revenue.  We DON'T need to subsidize millionaires or allow The Liar to take care of any more of his buddies.

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