Saturday, February 08, 2014

I answer Lefty Lou's question: "You are."

Don't get me wrong: there's not a sincere bone in Lefty Lou's oily body.

But as an intellectual exercise, I like to answer his questions; no matter how obvious the answer... particularly when Lefty is lying.

And today's column... like so many others... was a lie.

The obvious problem that Lefty can't seem to grasp is that when, for example, he babbles:
You heard me right. I’ve told this to a few other folks, and when people hear this, they’re taken aback. I’ve written a bunch of biting stuff about Madore and Commissioner Tom Mielke (the M&M boys). And some readers can’t figure out how I could still like him.

For me, it’s pretty easy. I can like someone personally and still beat him up if he needs a good beating. Criticism is the first step in improvement. If I didn’t think Madore was listening, if I didn’t think he could get better, I wouldn’t waste my time on him. And, yes, he has a lot of improving to do. Lots!
Plus, I don’t see anyone else in the county building who is stepping up to give him an evaluation. I’ve seen him interact with a few county workers, and they are all like, “You’re the greatest, sir!” and I’m like, “Be honest with the dude.” So consider my column like an evaluation. And, commissioner, I might have to put you on a performance improvement plan soon.
...besides the obvious lie (That he likes Madore: people that he "likes" don't get trashed in his paper with the regularity of Big Bend marking the hour) the fact is that no matter how highly Lefty thinks of himself (And My God, but that man has an ego bigger than a zeppelin) his "evaluation" is no more important and much more biased against the person he's "evaluating" than anyone else's.

The phrase "evaluation," for example, infers both fairness and factuality.

Lefty has lied so often about Madore and anyone else he hates, either directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly, that the idea that his "evaluation" means anything is beyond the bizarre.

And when it comes to "evaluations," Lefty, what say you feel free to consider my efforts here to be an evaluation of YOU.

If at some point, you had bothered to be fair... if you had not taken it upon yourself to whip up your fellow ignorant fringe-left scum in an abortive effort to overturn the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box...  if you had gone out of your way to tell the truth... to provide the facts without bias... to LISTEN... then you might have had a point with today's tripe.

But for years, you've attacked Madore and everything he stands for.  None of you leftist scum gives a rat's ass that the man has done everything he said he would do as a part of his campaign.  You hated what he wanted to do... what he ran on... what the people elected him for... what we WANT him to do... and in each and every column you've let your hatred guide your keyboard... and you're not ever going to be man enough to admit it.

Smoke screens like this show a streak likened to those who like to engage in domestic violence.  You remind me of those scum that beat their wives... beat their children... all along telling them how much they love them.

Here's the thing, lefty: you pull out your word processor and beat David Madore over the head with it.  And when you don't, the scum working for you do.

They, and you, over exaggerate the negative and ignore the positive.  Everything bad that happens... everyone who can't stand being held accountable who leaves... you and the punks working for you blame Madore.

Meanwhile, the leftist scum around here get their asses kissed by you because you agree with their agenda and so you give them a complete pass.

So, you can talk that bullshit in your column today.  But nothing you've posted today eliminates the lies, exaggerations or deliberate ignorance you and those working for you have repeatedly used to attack David Madore since the name was first printed in your embarrassment of a newspaper.

But that's OK, Lefty... just think of my opinion here as yet another "evaluation."  Since I've heard how badly you've treated those working for you and how afraid of you many of them are, I'm fairly sure that when YOU interact with the pogues working for you, they are all like, “You’re the greatest, sir!” and I’m like, “Be honest with the dude.”
So that is what I am with you.  Honest.  

Given how much you need to improve, and how badly the used toilet paper of a newspaper you run is doing, Scott Campbell might have to put you on ANOTHER performance improvement plan soon.

Because my best guess is that your next effort at driving them into bankruptcy will be your last.

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