Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lefty Lou reaches new depths in hypocrisy and stupidity.

Over the years that Lefty Lou has been lying to us and ignoring the will of the people, one of the things that we can count on with the regularity of sunrises, death and taxes is that if, as a community, the collective decision was to do precisely the OPPOSITE of what that clown wants, we'd be much better served.

His idiocy of this morning is no exception to that hard and fast rule.

Lefty's sniveling about the oil terminal, which, of course, means it should be built immediately.  He, of course, only wants to suck taxpayer money out for more downtown redevelopment in an effort to keep the ghost town that is downtown Vancouver from expanding.

Lefty's position is typically facetious: if developing the waterfront was all that, then private entities would be clamoring for the opportunity... without needing a dime of taxpayer dollars to subsidize their millions.  That it ain't all that is obvious: they wouldn't need our money if it were.

Lefty, of course, doesn't even want the possibility of interference with his agenda.

God forbid that, for example, that the port of Vancouver actually be USED as a port... it might offend the delicate sensibilities of that high-dollar slime that will benefit from the taxpayer dollar.

Let's take a look at his specific situational ethic:
Take the Vancouver City Council. They have this issue in front of them: a proposed oil terminal down at the port.
Even though council members don't have the final decision, their collective opinion would go a long way toward influencing it.
And my view is they should give the oil terminal the boot.
Odd, that.

Where have we been hearing the exact opposite for the last 10 years?

Oh.... the CRC?

Loot rail?

The county commissioners?

How many times have we seen in print the observation from this leftist moron that nothing the commissioners do or say, and no result at the polls would have ANY influence on the CRC Scam?

So, the Vancouver City Council has no say over the oil terminal.

The CCBOC has no say over the CRC.

The VOTERS have no say over the CRC,

Yet, if the "collective opinion" of the Vancouver Soviet goes the way Lefty wants it and they vote against hundreds of long term, family wage jobs on an issue that isn't their decision to make, that will, somehow, "go a long way toward influencing it." (The ultimate decision)

So... THAT decision, because Lefty wants it to go a certain way, should influence the ultimate outcome (The oil terminal WILL be approved, since there is no legal reason (And esthetics is not a legal reason) to stop it... but if a vote from the CCBOC and a vote from the entire county doesn't go his way, that should have NO influence?


Well, I'm sure then unions that own the Vancouver Soviet will be thrilled at Lefty's position.

What is Lefty whining about?

Nothing that matters:
If the oil terminal goes in, those incessant trains that already rumble by the waterfront will rumble even more. Why? Transportation has to move this oil product back and forth, and trains will have to do it.

Then you have the safety issue. Oh, the train folks will tell you it's perfectly safe. Well, maybe not "perfectly" safe. Never mind all those oil trains that have been blowing up. An anomaly, I tell ya. An anomaly!
OK, so on its own it doesn't sound like a great idea.
The irony is astounding.

This same clown talked about how shoddy the work has been on the CRC implementation.  Acknowledges most of the shortcomings to a greater or lesser degree, including their effort... by policy... to do everything they could to shut out public involvement... and then, having done that, stupidly tells us we should go ahead with the CRC Scam anyway, even though there is precisely ZERO evidence that the people of this county want this rip off.

So, now that his sense of esthetics... and the presumed issues with the multi-million dollar taxpayer supported rip off may be under attack because the trains will be more frequent... he forgets all about his statement that we should just ignore the several reasons NOT to build the idiotic, unwanted, unaffordable CRC Scam and build it anyway... and in turn, frets because there may be some increase in NOISE... because the coward running the program is bluffing about pulling the project when the oil terminal is built.

But then you have this little thing called our waterfront project. If we could pull it off, it literally could transform Vancouver. No question, it would showcase Vancouver in unimaginable ways.
Like your hideous paper, Lou?

Your dreams of glory for the Vancouver Soviet are as worthless as the rag you publish.

Even Lefty acknowledges these clowns are bluffing.  But in that acknowledgement, he claims the bluff should be believed, and, well:
Look, I'm not 100 percent certain there isn't a little smoke-blowing in the "killing the project" line. But my view is, if that's even a possibility, it's enough to tell the oil boys to take a hike.
 "A little?"

That's like Lou and the rest of the CRC Scammers claiming there's only "a little" opposition to the CRC Rip Off.

There you have it: buffoonery on a mass scale combined with situational ethics and rank hypocrisy, all rolled up into a single column..

When there's even a hint that Lou's utopia MIGHT not get built as the developers pout over more train traffic... then the slimeball running the rag demands the project be killed.

Yet, when confronted with a massive, multi-billion dollar waste of money that will burden our county for decades, rife with corruption, designed to deliberately preclude the public from having any say that matters... enriching the few at the cost of the ignored masses of the many... what does he tell us?
There have been so many missteps on this Columbia River Crossing project that if it was entered on "Dancing With The Stars," it would be voted off before Mike Tyson. It's just mess after mess. The tomfoolery is epic. Even its most ardent supporters would agree with this. For me, I hold my nose and close my eyes, and say we should move forward.

One project, rife with corruption, incompetence, lies and arrogance... yet, "we should move forward."

Another project under a POSSIBLE threat that we all know is fake... a needed project for transportation... a project that will result in several family wage union jobs... and he demands the city council throw a fit as if their position mattered.

Well, Lou, there position on the terminal matters as much as our position on light rail.

Do us all a favor... and get over it... along with getting over yourself.

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