Monday, February 17, 2014

Ley nails Mussolini Mikey, so what's your plan?

As I pointed out a few days ago, Mussolini Mikey is big on talk, but short on specifics.

Known in the parlance as a "glittering generality," it's the typical liberal pap.

Liberals, of course, look at any problem and solemnly declare (as Mikey Solemnly declares)  That "this problem MUST be solved and *I* am going to solve it!"

Conservatives look at the same problem and ask, "how much is that going to cost... and who is going to pay for it?"

Mikey, of course, doesn't know.

He doesn't know how he, personally, is going to solve the issue.

He doesn't know how much "solving" the problem is going to cost.

And he either doesn't know, or won't admit, who, precisely, is going to pay for this and how much that looks like.

Of course, the common thread here is that "he doesn't know."

Ignorance... about how democracy works, how politics works, how representation works... these are the hallmark of Mussolini's brand of politics. 

Specifics are the thing.  Any idiot can point out a problem.  Where the rubber meets the road is in specifics.

So, what Mussolini's campaign is going to consist of are his efforts to point out various problems... or what he sees as being problems... and then make the claim that he, personally,  will solve the problem, whatever it is.

The problem Mussolini has is that too many people are watching him.  Too many people are following along and are ready to smack the rubber ball he keeps bouncing and an effort to show relevance.

For me, someone has ignorant as Briggs fantasizing over an Elizabeth Warne political position that absolutely does not translate to this state...someone enamored of that lying putz's politics... (Warren, throughout her career, repeatedly lied about a non-existent native-American background to take advantage of special affirmative action programs) is not terribly surprising.  He lacks a clue, he's a fringe-left nutter and is easily mislead (Or else he wouldn't be a rabid CRC Scammer specifically or a fringe-left whackjob generally) so this kind of thing is going to be par for his course.

And I'm going to be waiting here for every word of it.

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