Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I bet you didn't know the 18th District has TWO senators...

Yup... we're the only senate district in the state to have TWO senators.

Of course you already knew about democrat Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) who scammed her way into the job during her 2012 election by lying about her position on gas taxes and tab fee increases that, when she betrayed us, resulted in the people of Clark County getting hung with a $700 million bill AND who is about to help screw us on the McCleary decision scam.

Sen. Rivers is Committee Chair of the Senate Health Committee.  So, when your health care is screwed up here in Washington State, you have her to thank in large part for that as well.

But did you know that we ALSO have ANOTHER Senator?

Of the K9 variety?  Or maybe in this case, the K3 variety?

Here's a picture of the OTHER 18th District Senator... Senator Maggie!

Sources tell me that Gas Tax is rarely without Senator Maggie.  Her committee chair office looks like Sen. Maggie just allows Sen. Rivers to hang around in it.

I'm reliably informed that Sen. Rivers' office smells like "dog," it's furnished in "dog" and it looks much like a dog food/dog toy/dog furniture warehouse.

And her poor legislative assistant is frequently tasked to bring the "dog," bizarrely known as a "comfort companion," to the Senate gallery while Gas Tax is on the floor, so Gas Tax can actually SEE Sen. Maggie.

That whole thing is just... weird.

Over the past two years, Rivers' behavior has indicated difficulty, apparently, with what we can call "mental acuity."

She has completely flipped from what she once was; a senator of the people to a senator of the special interests.

Give your word?  Pledge to oppose massive gas tax/tab fee or property tax increases?

 Screw that.  If a "business decision" comes along that makes her pledges into a lie?

Noooo problem.

She's sold us out on the gas tax/tab fee scam.  She wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars dropping that idiotic Sasquatch bill that had people laughing AT her and not WITH her; (What... you think these bills don't cost serious money in staff time and committee time?  Try thousands of taxpayer dollars... each) she voted to make it more expensive for citizens to get drivers licenses than it is for illegal aliens... who shouldn't get licenses for anything, anyway.  She's been promised her 30 pieces of silver by serial philanderer Ron Dotzauer and his democrat campaign firm... that hired the allegedly Republican Gas Tax Rivers WHILE she was involved in negotiating the GOP sellout of the McCleary decision.... that has cost the people of this state additional wasted billions.

No conflict of interest THERE, eh?  We're only talking billions of dollars getting raped from our wallets.


It's a good thing the GOP controls the state senate.

If they didn't, well, we'd be in SERIOUS trouble.

I mean, more serious than we are now thanks to the fake Republicans running the senate.

As for Rivers...

...clearly, in addition to going to the democrats, she's gone to the dogs.

But at least we have two senators.  I wonder if Sen. Maggie is a democrat as well?

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