Friday, August 17, 2012

Democratian wears our more kneepads for a leftist: Soon to be unemployed Craig "Loser" Pridemore.

Here's the deal: when you're a hardcore, left or right hack, you shouldn't expect the political mainstream to support you.

That's why 71% of his commissioner district voted against Commissioner Marc Boldt in the primary.

And that's why 79% of the state voted against Pridemore.

Pridemore, who never had a chance of winning this or any other statewide election due to his partisan hackery, met my every expectation by getting hammered in the auditor primary.

Naturally, the leftists at the democratian are going to leave out many of the inconvenient truths in Pridemore's job application they just sent out in the form of a blog post.

They neglected to mention that it was his legislation that has allowed the gerrymandered CTran taxing district that is screwing tens of thousands of us out of the right to vote on CTran scams while we're not exempted from paying the taxes.

They completely left out the sweet little amendment he put together at Steve Stuart's request to exempt HIS campaign donations from Pridemore's campaign finance bill that now.... NOW... requires commissioner candidates to live with what had formally been just legislative limits.

And, of course, the best show of integrity... the one where he stands up on the floor of the Senate before his first budget vote and complains that he "fears this budget was balanced on the backs of the poor and the powerlesss" which he THEN PROCEEDS TO VOTE FOR KNOWING IT WOULD HURT "THE POOR AND THE POWERLESS."

And, no mention of his incredibly lame congressional run..... wayyyyy back in 2010.  Why not?

It takes a SPECIAL legislator to do that.

But, like the cover the democratian provides for Jim "Candy Man" Moeller's moronic "what is, what isn't" candy tax to fund his pet projects... a moronic bill so far out of the mainstream that his own district voted overwhelmingly to repeal it... there's no way they'd remind the readers of those efforts by Pridemore.

So now, having done his damage to the people of Clark County, Pridemore is, finally (and hopefully permanently) out of the political scene.

Now, it's just a matter of time until he's hired at an outrageous salary by someone like CTran... someone he's carried the water for like Gunga Din.

After all, the left takes care of their own.


Martin Hash said...

What possible chance did Pridemore have for State Auditor??? I mean, really?! He already knew what his prospects were when he ran for the U.S. House, and that would have been a MUCH EASIER sell.

I can only conclude that he has a sweetheart job waiting for him (probably CTran) but couldn't just resign his seat to take it - so he pulled a Don Quixote as cover.

Anonymous said...

Guys, why do I think he may just go to Seattle and try to work for one of the financial auditors jobs up there? (hmm... This is SO WOW, coincident that he and Tiffany Couch have similar backgrounds? And both are similar to the CRC Process...)
I doubt he will go to C-Tran. He used to work for Clark County before he became a commissioner in the 90s?
Gosh, more things to think about?? Thanks for the post, Kelly.. -- Jeremy