Monday, August 20, 2012

Has reality set in for the Paulbot PCOA Scam?

Looks like reality and an abysmal, laughably inept performance (Reminiscent of their cult leader, Ron Paul) has set in as the massive waste of time, effort and money resulted in no real change in the GOP landscape and, well, we're back to business as usual.

This blog has written many times about the scam, the lies, the exaggerations of the Paulbots and their enablers as they tried... and failed miserably... in their efforts to take over the local GOP.

I suggest that reality has sunk in primarily because both of their lame web sites have gone dark (*Not updated in several days), and both have failed to do what they said they were going to do.

The most strident local Paulbot site, the moronically named "called unto liberty" site hasn't posted a thing since August 9th when they got genuinely stupid over Greg Kmsey's PCO seat... showing that delusion really is their best friend.
3. The PCO Liberty Alliance is going toe-to-toe with the Establishment in their very first election cycle.

It looks like many of the leaders and strong activists from both camps are being elected, and that overt attempts to unseat Ron Paul PCOs with mailers have been less successful than in the past. Known mailer campaign targets include Laney Maxwell (winning +35) and Katja Delavar (winning +7). There are a few significant casualties on each side, but a lot of PCO Liberty Alliance candidates (possibly over 90) are being elected, which sets up a very interesting reorganization meeting in December.
"Possibly over 90," but actually closer to 40.

Since that reality came out in the results.... nothing.

And then, the PCO Alliance website, that wrote this nonsense on August 12, although I do give them props for a more accurate assessment of the outcomes:
Aug 12, 2012No Comments ›› PLA Admin
Congratulations to all our PCO Candidates and all their hard work.  It has paid off!  It looks like we won 44 of our contested races and have two other tied races outstanding.  Combined with our approximately 50 allied and preferred candidates who were unopposed, this is a phenomenal result.
We will be posting our PCO results probably Monday night or Tuesday morning and working on updating our site over the course of the following week.

Meanwhile, we are working out plans for the general election cycle.  We are definitely thinking outside the box on this one so stay tuned for more information soon!
If getting a little over 40 of 222 seats is a pay off, then these guys need to up their dosage.
And that most of the so-called "allied or ppreferred candidates would have won their seats anyway?
As I've shown through pointing out that most of the CCGOP executive board wasn't challenged by these clowns and most of those who were challenged maintained their seats, the result is that none of this made any difference.
But what's most problematic is this phrase:
We will be posting our PCO results probably Monday night or Tuesday morning and working on updating our site over the course of the following week.
So.  Where are those "results?"

Where's the "update?"

What's the hold up?
The disheartening reality is the hold up.  That even these Paulbots know it was a colossal mistake that availed them nothing.... particularly considering who paid for it all.


Martin Hash said...

It's been my experience that VERY FEW PCOs actually show up at meetings. If 40 PCOA members show up every month and their "allies" do too then they may very well CONTROL grass-roots level politics in Clark County.

You always say that politics is about showing up.

Just a guy said...

The only time it really matters is Re-Org... and there will be a mass turn out then that will dwarf the Paulbots... and any effort to change the bylaws will be met the same way.... since there has to be several weeks notice given to any such effort (no surprises allowed)

For these guys, they've managed to confuse motion with action. They are distinctly different... as they will come to find out.

And after years of inaction where they, effectively, change nothing; what do you think is going to happen to the Paulbot's enthusiasm?

Martin Hash said...

I can only speak as to my experience at Dem PCO meetings. New and aspiring candidates can be encouraged or stopped-cold by those attending the meetings. PCOAs could easily dictate who runs for office in their districts.

Anonymous said...

If all 94-ish PCOLA folks along with other known sympathetic PCOs show up at re-org and 30-ish establishment folks don't, that gives PCOLA a controlling majority. I don't know what the point is of writing articles about a failure that is yet to be determined. If CCGOP elects Liberty people for state committee will you retract your crap? (I am not close to the action, but you are certainly off the reservation entirely)

Just a guy said...

If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump, their asses every time they jumped.

I AM that close to the action... And they have as much chance of impacting any of this as Ron Paul does of getting nominated for president.

In short, none at all.

Just a guy said...

Beth, is there some part of "don't come back" that you don't get?

I don't read the local version of the Völkischer Beobachter. There's no point in it. So, move along, there's nothing to see here.