Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Really? A bridge lift on the CRC scam bridge?

We all know the rank incompetence of the cheerleaders for the CRC Scam: Leave-it, Boldt, Stuart, the fringe leftist mayors and city council swine who wrongly believe their judgement to be superior to the people's.

We know of the incompetent theft of the army of consultants and engineer firms SOOOOO good at their jobs that they've made $150 million disappear with an equally incompetent bridge design... that couldn't even get a permit from the Coast Guard... to show for it.

The Coast Guard has finalized what the CRC scammers knew for years but hoped, apparently, they could blow right through:  That the minimum allowable height for the bridge was 14far higher than the 95 feet the scammers attempted to slip in.  The trouble?  Too high, and the FAA will throw a fit because of the airport and the air field in the vicinity... something the planners knew for quite some time but proceeded to ignore.

So, now what are these clowns telling us?
And if the Coast Guard demands more than 125 feet, state Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond said the solution is a bridge lift -- the elimination of which is one of the CRC's current main selling points.

"We would have to go back to a lift span to avoid every impact that was on this river," Hammond said.

"Adding a lift span to the proposed deck truss bridge and alignment would result in a structure of unprecedented complexity with the associated technical challenges," the CRC's letter read. "A lift span would increase the cost of the project by approximately $250 million."
So.... let me get this straight:

We are now going to replace a paid-for, safe, serviceable 3 through-lane bridge lift with a 3 through-lane bridge lift that will sink us billions of dollars in debt, including a $100,000,000 hole blown in our local economy every year... forever... to pay for this?

What will happen to theBS of the CRC scammers like the pit yorkie, and Lightening Lou, and all the rest who have been pounding us in an effort to get us to believe that getting rid of the bridge lift had ANYTHING to do with this scam?

Look... we've known they've been flat out lying for years.  We've all known what the Oregon State Supreme Court ruled: that this is the biggest rip off since Obamacare and that all the rest of it is lies.

Boldt's unimaginable support of this massive rip off is enough.... by itself... to vote him out of office... or anyone else promoting this theft.

But that this is even on the table, to me, indicates that Hammond and the rest of these clowns should be fired and the consultants, sucking us dry like ticks on a giraffe, should be fired with her.

ANY money spent on this scam amounts to theft, and those responsible should be eliminated from the professional pool... as should any politician supporting them.

What a fricking joke.

Yet another day to be ashamed of our government at both the state and local level.


Jim Karlock said...

Its not a joke - its a light rail project with a patched on highway bridge.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim. Glad to have seen you at the oversight committee meeting. Are you going to post your four hours of video of it?

To Kelly, if you have not looked at the newest design yet, think of this bridge with his curve but with a NEW I-5 Hump? -- Jeremy