Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just when you thought RINO Rob McKenna couldn't be any more of a moron...

Back in February, I would have bet the house that RINO Rob was going to be our next governor.

Since then, I've watched in amazement as this man has done a stellar job of snatching defeat from the previously iron-clad jaws of victory.

I won't re-play his long... and getting longer... list of idiocies or his hard-left, sell out any principle to win strategy that's failing so miserably as his numbers have plummeted almost as fast as Obama's credibility.

But his latest stupidity?

Crosscut published a piece today on the scant differences between Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee's education plans. The most interesting thing about it is the first paragraph:
One of Rob McKenna's bigger education reform proposals has not seen much press. That's a proposal to allow the governor or superintendent of public instruction to appoint replacements for an elected school board in a district with 10 percent or more failing schools. McKenna's proposal does not define what "failing school" means. In a phone interview a few weeks ago, the Republican gubernatorial candidate said that the definition of "failing" would be determined by criteria set by either the state legislature or the the superintendent of public instruction. 
It takes a genuine moron to believe he... or someone else... can overturn the will of the voters for a lawfully elected official, just because they want to.

Unconstitutional on it's face, our schools are in trouble and far too many teachers ad staff are utterly worthless.  But to suggest that an INCREASING government role in the matter, while perhaps swell for RINO and his fringe left buddies, isn't going to fix the problem nor survive legal scrutiny.

Democracy gives us the right to be stupid if that's what we want.  It's both the greatness of it and the curse of it.  I will just be damned if I will vote for someone who thinks they can disregard a lawful vote on anything or for anyone... period.


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