Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another leftist campaign ad from the democratian, this time, for Moeller:

The Public Disclosure Commission has it's uses.

Maintaining a self-actuating, software-driven database is one.

Unfortunately, enforcement activity from the PDC has been, essentially, worthless... unless the local media hates you like, say, the Columbian hates David Madore.

Then, if any of their fellow fringe lefters file a complaint, no matter how bogus or bizarre, the rag is all over it, giving it the widest possible publicity... EVEN BEFORE IT'S INVESTIGATED.

For the rag, if they hate you, the well-timed allegation is enough.

If they hate you.

Marc Boldt has repeatedly violated PDC law, but he's on their support list, so there's not a peep out of them over that.  A complaint that I filed against their hero Gregerson because he couldn't figure out how to report properly?  Not a word.

Multiple complaints filed against that slimeball Jon Russell?  Although his illegality was acknowledged, the PDC refused to act and the rag refused to print.

In that regard, the PDC is anything BUT a blueprint for other states.

Let a leftist file a complaint against Madore, and the democratian goes bat shit crazy.

And then there's Moeller... and the democratian's fawning coverage of this lie:
Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver, has long pushed for the creation of a searchable database tracking lobbyist money. This would seem to be a simple and obvious addition to the numbers available in this Age of Information.
In addition, critics have said the PDC can be more effective in aspects of enforcement for candidates who violate election rules.
"Honestly, we probably have one of the very best and most transparent election systems in the nation," Moeller told reporter Anna Marum of The Columbian. "I think it's worked very well; it just needs some updating.'
These days, there is no excuse for anything less than pure transparency in politics. Washington should continue moving toward that.
Really?  When did he do THAT?

What's the bill number?  When did he drop the bill?  Did it get a hearing?  The left controls the entirety of the legislature: if he wanted this... then where is it?

Nowhere.  And it never was anywhere.

But this kind of in-kind campaigning crap?

That's just, well, "Tuesday" for the democratian.


Lew Waters said...

Moeller was too busy pushing homosexual marriage off on the state and ignoring the $1.5 Billion budget gap, expected to be $2 Billion this next time, to be pushing for anything like transparency.

If he did and it passed, who funds and promotes him might be exposed as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh lew... You know he has backends or has a way around this law.. Remember the gerrymander district subdistrict law he got through? -- jeremy