Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm sure it's just coincidence: in Cowlitz - Ron Paul supporters looking to shake up local GOP

One of the more interesting lies of the PCOA down here is that it isn't a Ron Paul movement.

I've known, and stated, that these people are being led, if not manipulated, by Paulbots.  This allegedly "spontaneous" movement has just jumped up all by itself... except for the similar movements in Spokane, Seattle, Bellingham and the like... and now this from the Daily News:
Ron Paul supporters looking to shake up local (Cowlitz) GOP
By Barbara LaBoe / The Daily News The Daily News Online 6 hours ago  • 
Nearly a week after the Aug. 7 primary election, it still is not clear whether Ron Paul — or "Liberty Movement" — Republicans succeeded in shaking up the Cowlitz County party.
They didn't win the majority of the precinct committee positions, but about 30 percent of Ron Paul supporters were successful and will be involved in shaping the party's future once they take office in January. Cowlitz GOP Chairman Larry Wendfeldt said he welcomes new blood as long as the Paul supporters work together with other party members.
"I'd hope the people who won become active, because we all have the same ultimate aim, to win the November national election," Wendfeldt said. "I like to think we're all Republicans, we just have some different approaches."
Precinct committee officers do a lot of the everyday grunt work of the party, such as marshaling volunteers and organizing get-out-the-vote campaigns. Everyone needs to pitch in to be successful, Wendfeldt said.
Supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul for president were urged to run for PCO positions across the state this year to gain control of the state party and make it easier for Paul's Libertarian agenda to be advanced. State and local officials reported a dramatic rise in the number of opposed PCO races and attributed it to the Ron Paul factor.
There were 36 contested Republican PCO races in Cowlitz County, but in some Wendfeldt said it's was unclear whether the challenger supported Paul. A change the precinct maps this year also meant some former PCOs faced off against each other. There are 66 Republican PCO positions countywide, but many were unopposed.
There's no official tally of Ron Paul supporters versus more "mainline Republicans" in Cowlitz County, because all ran as Republicans. Wendfeldt identified about 30 races where he knew there was a showdown between a Ron Paul supporter and a more mainline Republican — including his own, which he won by 10 votes, according to the most recent tallies.
Of the 30 races, 22 were won by the traditional Republicans and eight were claimed by Ron Paul supporters, Wendfeldt said.
Arne Mortensen is one of the Ron Paul supporters who won a PCO race, though the retired software engineer is quick to note he's long been involved in local Republican politics, including previous service in a PCO position.
Mortensen said he'd never vote for President Barack Obama, but neither is he quite ready to pledge support for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. He wants to see what Tea Party supporters and others do at the national convention later this month, he said.
Locally, Mortensen said he'd like to see the party re-energized.
"I'd definitely look for some changes in the local party," he said. He said the monthly meetings can be "very bureaucratic" and new ideas aren't always explored. He'd also like more guest speakers added to keep the base fired up and more effort put into holding candidates accountable for sticking to party platforms and standards.
"I want to change the outlook and maybe do a better job of vetting people," Mortensen said.
Wendfeldt said the Ron Paul supporters and mainline Republicans have "a lot more in common than we have differences" and hopes they can work together for the good of the party. He still disagrees with some of Paul's stances, such as legalizing drugs, but believes there's a lot of common ground to be found.
Paul supporters will "obviously have a bigger voice" as a result of the primary election, Wendfeldt said, though he noted he's also appointed Ron Paul supporters to vacant PCO seats in the past. "And no one should ever have an entire lock on things. That can lead to the good old boy network. We have to be open to everybody's thoughts and try to include them."
These efforts had a lot in common.

Names resembled each other.

Same nonsensical babble for talking points.

Same abysmal outcomes.

Yep.... sheer coincidence.

At least they didn't try the "allied" scam so popular with these losers down here.

But yes... this serves to reconfirm the REALITY of the situation... a reality missing from the scammers here in Clark County.  And that is that the effort here in Clark County was Paulbot driven, Paulbot planned, and typically, Paulbot failed.

Hell, we knew that, didn't we?

More to come.


Dan said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm really confused. I thought you were going around town saying that David Madore was the one funding the PCO Liberty Alliance. Is it your contention that Madore is with the Paul campaign, or did you change your mind about that accusation?

It seems odd to me that you spend so much time writing about a group that has achieved so little in your estimation. If they are so inconsequential, why continue to write about them?

Just a guy said...

On this, we can agree: if you're involved with the Paulbots, then you really ARE confused.

Is this where I point out that Madore funding the PCOA has absolutely nothing to do with THIS aspect of this movement in a different county?

Try to stay on topic, would you?

And here's a clue: who, how, when and in what matter I write is none of your business.

You don't like what I put up here? Then do us both a favor and don't read it.

That will cause your self-delusion to become comfortable again and we can both just keep living our respective lives.

I'm writing about your group because your group lies to achieve it's goals. It's inherently dishonest, and the voters obviously have ferreted this out at every level... thus Paul's and the PCOA's horrific results at the polls... and I'd write about these people if NONE of you had been elected to anything.

That your organization lies is well known by those actually involved in politics, and to a lesser extent, the GOP voters themselves. That, you see, is why the effort was so laughingly... and obviously... abysmal.

In the end, I write about who and what I want. That you may not agree is certainly your privilege, but this happens to be my blog. Don't like it?

Start your own.

There's a reason your results, both here in Clark and in Cowlitz, were so miserable.

There's a reason Paulbots attack those they disagree with, and target those they oppose under the false flags your group prefers. Followers of the Paulistinian meme have viciously attacked Lew Waters, for example... hundreds of comments attacking everything about him... just because he's wise enough to disagree.

At least in Cowlitz, they were honest about who they were... which certainly can't be said about this outfit down here. And there honesty is why they've apparently managed to elect a whole 8 PCO's... an effort, while futile, which has a certain ability to be admired, knowing that being honest would result in their political slaughter in the election yet choosing to be honest anyway... unlike the effort down here.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope I've answered all your questions, although I'm reasonably sure that a video walking you through all of this wouldn't make any difference.

Helena Mary said...

Nothing that you said here makes any sense, it is just more spouting. Does anyone actually read this? Kelly, you got 25 votes as an incumbent PCO, losing to Marc Boldt and a Paul supporter who was out-of-town the entire primary season. How on earth can you criticize 90+ people who actually won their races and not feel just a little bit bashful about it?

I've read several posts of yours, and you are always about two weeks behind the curve and usually completely off with your 'inside info'. Do you care about having any credibility in this county?

Read the comments in the article you linked from Cowlitz. Even your assessment of the Paul-supporter effort is off. You need to do some research before you spout off. Oh...and you need to link sites when you copy large portions of their intellectual property. Consider this an official warning.

Just a guy said...

"Nothing I've said here makes any sense?"

Then why are you here posting about it?

"Does anyone actually read this?"

Well, it appears YOU do. "I've read several post of yours" kind of makes your rhetorical question sort of dumb, doesn't it? Remember, this is "The blog that NOBODY reads... but everyone gets upset about."

I freely admit I got 25 votes. I did absolutely nothing to campaign, because after I filed, the reason I became PCO had left the area.... and with Boldt running, I knew Byers was going to be crushed... and, of course, he was... all the time, effort and energy you Paulbots wasted on him notwithstanding.

I, in fact, voted for the 4th candidate, Herb Maxey, who is something of a cat fancier (raises them for shows and such) and was kind of disappointed that he didn't do better.

I'm not "criticizing" 90+ people who won their races: 50 or so of them likely didn't know you people existed... and as I pointed out they would have like won their races ANYWAY.

In short, the lies of the PCOA are MAYBE responsible for the elections of 1/5th or so of the PCO's here in Clark in the last election; and that effort will change nothing, particularly for the better... much like the outcome in Cowlitz.

As yet, no one has disputed that conclusion.

In the article above, the difference was rather stark: the effort in Cowlitz was labeled for what it was: a Paulbot driven campaign, a campaign with equally laughable outcomes... altogether typical of a Ron Paul type campaign.

Here, the lies about who was financing the PCOA, who was behind it, who was supporting who... that's the cause of the "criticizing."

I don't dispute the PCOA's right to lie their way into influence of some sort, although in that regard, they failed as much as the Cowlitz Paulbots failed.

Your observations concerning where I'm at "on the curve" and your concern over my credibility, a credibility that it seems to me is self evident or YOU wouldn't be here reading this, while touching, is also irrelevant.

Feel free to implement Rule One: don't like how, when or what I write? Then don't read it. After all, that YOU read my blog and YOU comment on my blog does tend to indicate both credibility AND relevance... or else YOU wouldn't be here.

You have your "assessment" of the Paulbot effort, I have mine. You're welcome to yours.

I don't do warnings, particularly from anonymous (how courageous of you, BTW) sources. (feel froggy? then feel free to leap.) and this article IS linked.

One of the reasons I really can't stand Paulistinians is their ability to overlook the obvious, including links, staring them in the face.

Feel free to click the accredited headline in the post. That you can't figure out how to click on an obvious link?

Well, that kind of speaks for itself.

And since you seem to have so MANY hobbies, do a little research on "fair use," particularly when it applies to a profitless situation.

Of course, given my complete lack of credibility, my typically being 2 weeks behind the curve, and the fact that I never do anything right, I'm sure you won't read this, or ever post here again. After all, it's a waste of your precious time, right?

And that's such a shame. I always appreciate the opportunity to point out the ignorance of Paulistinians.