Sunday, August 19, 2012

More unmitigated idiocy from the pit yorkie: Lies from Laird.

We're all aware of what a fringe-left, lying slimeball John Laird really is.

Intellectually, factually, and integrally challenged, there's no lie Laird won't blab, no exaggeration, no stretch of the truth he won't engage in to further his fringe left positions.

And today's lies are no exception.

This little slimeball whines about the lies he's furthering in concert with his political master's war on women.

He bases today's lies on a poll that shows the more moronic of the gender support his equally clueless fellow idiot, Obama, over Romney.

He believes the GOP ought to be running around screaming its collective head off because leftist women support that simpering idiot in the White House, much like the simpering idiot who wrote the column I'm commenting on now.

Big whoop.

I look around and I see the following:

Every candidate running for the GOP in the 49th is a woman.

My state senator and one representative are, or are going to be, female.

It's very likely that we will also have a new rep in the 17th, Olson, also female.

In fact, the GOP is running 7 women in the 18th, 20th (senate) and the 49th... more then twice as many as the democrats in those districts.

And Laird, of course, chooses to ignore this inconvenient truth, because, like all of the other facts that oppose his stupidity, he's not about to allow them to interfere with his carefully leftist conclusions...

Particularly when it's not even a thinly disguised democrat hit piece.

But that kind of abuse of his position is what makes him the slimeball he really is.

Sit, John, sit.  THAT'S a good little fringe-left pit yorkie.

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Jack said...

the Columbian should be printed on brown paper because it is total excrement.