Sunday, August 19, 2012

Views from the crack smoke filled room: Brancaccio's idiocy on the commissioner races.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: NO candidate or campaign or anyone involved or in any way concerned with any candidate or campaign was aware of or approved or had input into this post.

Further, Marc Boldt is my brother in law, and I worked for him as his legislative assistant for 6 years while he was in the state house.)  

Few of the many idiotic columns this community has been cursed with from the democratian's editor have done more to illustrate his bias and partisanship.

I'll take this opportunity to decode his babble, for the non-politically gifted:

The only issue from Brancaccio is this: if you fully embrace the downtown mafia's agenda... that is, Lou Brancaccio's agenda, then you're good.  You're understandable, every thing you do makes sense.

That the agenda is a con, that it's being rammed down the throats of those who'll be forced to pay for it without asking them for generations, that it's a scam that was dreamed up to get those who connive policy instead of asking the poor, miserable sots who have to pay for it is meaningless to an arrogant putz like Brancaccio.

Once you set the table for that, everything else falls into place.

As expected, this fringe-left hack will do anything to keep Boldt in office.  As always, the democratian policies of lies by omission and co-mission, along with rank exaggeration are the order of the day.

So, when he writes garbage like this:
Boldt — a Republican — has positioned himself as a moderate and he gained a slight advantage after his own party began to beat him up.
Never mind that "his own party began to beat him up" as a result of his complete failure to live up to anything approaching Republican principles and policies.  Here's two statistics clowns like Brancaccio will NEVER show as they do their damnedest to define Boldt before, presumably, Madore does it:

How many times did "Republican" Boldt vote WITH democrat Stuart and AGAINST Republican Mielke?

How many times did "Republican" Boldt fail to second any of Mielke's motions on the CTran Board or the RTC?

In short, to a democrat, that Boldt looks, acts, and votes like a democrat is what this rag... the same rag that once demanded Boldt's resignation... calls "moderate."

Brancaccio, in his apparently oxygen-deprived haze, claims that Boldt has "moved to the right."

Perhaps one of the biggest of the many lies to ever leave that slimeball keyboard, Boldt has done absolutely nothing to "move right."

Boldt's positions on the major issues confronting this community are in lockstep with the whack job ilk of fringe-left nutter Tim Leave-it (Who, as we all recall, lied about the toll issue to get elected and who has stupidly endorsed Boldt, helping to guarantee his political demise), democrat Steve Stuart (Who Boldt twice endorsed over Republican candidates, including Mielke) democrat Jack Burkman, democrat Betty Sue Morris, democrat and county commissioner candidate Joe Tanner and many other democrats who would typically dive into a vat of boiling hydrochloric acid before they'd endorse a Republican have not only done so, but in many instances, have donated money to Boldt's campaign.

Brancaccio also fails to mention Boldt's ethics violations; his thousands of dollars worth of free concert tickets from the Amphitheater; his determined efforts to raise our taxes, even in this horrific economy; and his vote to confiscate our weapons knowing full well such a vote was unconstitutional (Because I damned well told him it was) AND his fine efforts to help gerrymander the CTran taxing district to exclude 100,000 of us from having a vote... but not from paying his taxes.

In the addled, fringe-left brain, none of this makes any difference because, since Boldt AGREES with the fringe left nutters like Brancaccio, that somehow makes him "moderate."

Well, here's a clue, Lou: what that does is make Marc like you.

And what that does is make Marc a menace to this community.

And then this outright lie:
But Boldt began to lose some ground when he moved to the right. Look, the hard right-wingers will never vote for Boldt. So he actually needs to push more in a moderate direction, not less. Boldt has gone too far down the rabbit hole to come out looking different now.
If Boldt was any farther left he'd have to be kick Ralph Nader out of the way.

So, the question becomes this: Why is Brancaccio lying about Boldt?  Why is he portraying Boldt as something anyone paying attention would know he clearly is not?

No ulterior motive there, eh?

And even after all this, he calls Boldt a moron (Frankly, Marc, with friends like Brancaccio, who needs enemies?)
On the I.Q. front Madore also has the advantage. Boldt is no dummy and has done very well at learning the issues. But if you're looking for the most likely candidate to win "Jeopardy," it's Madore.
Back in the day, the clowns at the democratian were convinced that I acted as Boldt's "keeper."  They were sure that Marc did what I told him to do.  They simply felt, and Joe King, former democrat Speaker of the House and now-Boldt supporter actually said, that Boldt was too stupid to be a state representative.

So, you've got to wonder: who is telling Boldt what to do now?  Because it damned sure ain't me.

And this stupidity about Madore:
And of course Madore has the whole "no tolls" bridge thing going for him. Look, the idea that we actually have to pay for something that we get is sort of foreign to us Americans. We now believe everything should be free because so many of us get free stuff from the government.
More lies from Brancaccio.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that if you asked him what he had for breakfast, he'd lie about that as well.

Why Brancaccio refuses to admit the entire CRC thing is a scam is beyond me...  except it's all part of his "no lie he won't tell to get what he wants" meme.

There's a reason this despicable rag has refused to run the Willamette Week's story detailing where the Oregon State Supreme court ruled the entire project was a scam... a rip off... entirely devoted to getting the hicks of Clark County like Boldt to sign on to loot rail.

That's the truth of the matter.  All of the years of lies about safety and congestion relief and that sort of thing from Brancaccio and his nazi-like propaganda sheet justify nothing.

So, this issue isn't about "getting something for free."  While Brancaccio and his ilk actually HAVE acted and used the term "free money," it takes genuinely ignorant, arrogant asses like Brancaccio to believe that the funding for this scam isn't going to come out of the taxpayer, one way or the other.

And what this slimeball has NEVER done... and never WILL do... is demand that this be put to a county wide vote.

He has never demanded that those who have to pay for this garbage actually be asked if they want the yolk of $1300 a year to begin with... for life... to be placed around their collective necks to the tune of roughly $100,000,000 being evaporated out of our local economy EVERY YEAR... out of the families that will genuinely be hurt by this scam EVERY DAY and out of the small business who depend on this income to make it happen... and who will go under as a result of the perfidy of Brancaccio and Boldt and others who DO NOT CARE.

That Brancaccio would deliberately mis-characterize Madore's position isn't unusual.  Remember: go back to the "no lie the democratian won't tell for their agenda" and the rest of it falls into place.

In the Mielke-Tanner race, I am fortunate in that I know both contestants very well... unlike Brancaccio, who has no more idea about Mielke then he does brain surgery.  Brancaccio gives us a major snapshot of his political ignorance:
As for Mielke — the Republican — it's difficult for me to figure this guy out.
Actually, it's "difficult" for Lou to figure out anyone with politics to the right of Mao.  But at least here, he admits it.

For whatever the reason, Brancaccio seems to hate the very idea of a regular guy being a commissioner.  He CERTAINLY hates the idea of someone not enamored of his, that is, the downtown mafia's agenda.

Tom Mielke has been on the wrong end of a wide variety of votes.  But when you're the only Republican on a board or commission and you refuse to cave or compromise your principles because your masters have held up a hoop and demanded that you jump through it like Boldt's have, then  yeah... you're going to be out there sometimes.

But when you're the minority on a commission and your alleged Republican colleague is fully co-opted by the downtown special interests who now own him like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion, your only option is to bend over for the Brancaccio's of this area or to take the principled, conservative stands that even Boldt was elected to take.  And if that means that Boldt is too far gone to the left to work with anyone but his mentor Steve Stuart?

Then so be it.

But in the left's world, the only direction to "compromise" in is theirs.  And this is an example of the idiocy of Brancaccio's fringe leftism:  If you do it his way and you're a Republican, that makes you a wonderful thing, a statesman, even if he, for some unfathomable reason, portrays you as kinda stupid.  That makes you a moderate.

That makes you Marc Boldt.  And that's OK in Lou's World (tm).

But live by conservative principles and stand by the convictions that got you elected?  And Lou sees you're stupid as well.  (Frankly, this whole thing seems to have confused the easily confusable Brancaccio)  Do it Lou's way, and you're a moron.  Do it NOT Lou's way, and you're a moron.

Boldt does what Brancaccio wants and he's stupid.  Mielke DOESN'T do what Brancaccio wants and HE'S stupid.  Some days, you just can't win if the letter "R" is after your name.

Or maybe it just makes you situationally, ethically challenged.

You know, like Brancaccio.  And Boldt.

Let me sum it up:

Boldt is in serious trouble.  He's got an 8 year track record of corruption and lies to the conservatives who voted for him.  He's violated ethics laws, raised our taxes and sold us out on the CRC.  The rag will lie for him like a rug... kinda like Brancaccio did in his column today... kinda like they will when they gear up and beat the hell out of Benton or any other conservative in a competitive race.

Boldt's own allies apparently think he's stupid, failing to understand that it's unlikely that a stupid man, or even a dull man could win election and re-election 7 times against the best the local dems could put up... including beating the democrat majority leader, articulate and smart Kim Peery way back in 94 by 1200 votes for his legislative race.  Some of his leftist opponents even have had advanced degrees.

So if Boldt is stupid, he's stupid like a fox.  It's that "Shucks ma'am, twern't nuthin" blueberry farmer from Brush Prairie shtick that he's had going on for so long that even the simpletons at the democratian have bought into it.

The problem is that it's wearing thin.  This time around, Boldt has become the atypical leftist, relying on lies and exaggerations just like the democratian to get re-elected.  Combine that with his opponent having more money then several emerging nations... an effectively unlimited ability to go up on TV, radio, newspapers, mailers and the like... and you are definitely in the hurt locker.  Boldt will not be able to match him.  I have never seen someone go up on TV and radio when the other candidate doesn't... and lose.

The only question is this: will the people of this county re-elect another leftist liar... another Tim Leave-it?

Like Madore, I oppose the entirety of the CRC scam... but not because I am going to be one of those poor schleps who get raped for tolls that will shatter our community in ways no one wants to ask about like Brancaccio and Boldt.

I oppose it because it's fundamentally, ethically and morally wrong to enslave a community for generations to pay for a project that is based on a lie.  And the CRC that Boldt supports and Madore does not is just that: based on a lie.

Madore can win this if he defines Boldt before Boldt's allies can define him.  And there is oh, so much to define Boldt with... actions that will shatter that farmer shtick and just show Boldt for what he truly is: a dishonest, leftist politician who doesn't give a rat's ass what the people of this county want.

As for Mielke-Tanner, I like them personally, both.  But the issue most important to me isn't who went to Harvard here.  After all, Obama went to those Ivy-League schools and he, presumably, has the IQ that Brancaccio is so enamored of and Obama's screwed up everything he's touched.  How's that worked out for us?

But what Mielke's got that Tanner doesn't have is this: the LAST thing this county needs is a 3rd democrat on a 3 person commission.... AND Mielke has a 4-year long commission record of doing everything he can to kill the CRC scam... for years... only to be blocked by Boldt at every turn... you know, like any other real democrat would?

In fact, if you go to Tanner's web site... his "plan" doesn't even mention the CRC... or loot rail... or tolls... the biggest issues/problems looming in front of the people of this county... and he doesn't even mention them?

Why?  That didn't work for Pam Brokaw... did it?  Further, there doesn't seem to be any position on the Cowlitz/Mohegan/Paskenta/Barnett megacasino.... again, just like Brokaw.

Now, the facts are these:  I believe the majority of voters in Clark County are opposed to both the CRC scam AND the Megacasino scam.

If I'm right, then Madore and Mielke win.  If I'm wrong, Madore might still win because few in their right minds want to re-elect a corrupt politician and Marc is definitely that... but then Tanner would likely win because Tom's issue is standing up to corruption and demanding an end to the rip off that is the CRC.

Now if, as I suspect, Mielke and Madore win, you can bet the rag will blow itself to pieces before they'd come close to admitting they were wrong and acknowledging that the people of this county do not want this scam to pollute our community.

If Boldt and Tanner win, the rag will do just the opposite, claim that it WAS a CRC/Loot Rail/Toll referendum and that the sheeple of this county actually WANT to get bent over by the CRC thugs.

I expect that in about 80 days or so, we're going to find out.


Martin Hash said...

Too bad for Madore the Democrat candidate didn't beat Boldt because now the math adds up for Boldt.

Mielke wins.

Just a guy said...

Right this second, I agree.

But with the right messaging and the unlimited ability to define Boldt... With Boldt's apparent inability to respond... that could change.

Marc's got enough luggage to start a Samonsite factory. If Madore does what has to be done... then Marc is toast.