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Psychotic Lefty Lou: takes credit when he thinks it's going right, but never the blame when it goes horribly wrong.

As a self-deluded fringe-leftist, Lefty Lou will always be the first to tell you that he's the smartest guy in the room.

Whenever something goes his way, he'll always be the first to tell you that he is the reason why.

Commissioner Stewart's vote on the Mielke Ordinance is no exception.

In retrospect, I was ambivalent.  Because Lefty Lou is a political scumbag of the highest order (Defined here as someone who lies about what he is (truly a tone-deaf, fringe-leftist democrat; a water-carrying hypocritical narcissist... think "Obama.") to cover up what he isn't (unbiased and truthful)) and because his boss doesn't keep him on a leash or demand the truth from him and the scum he's got working for him, and because Campbell allows Lefty's worthless opinion to masquerade as news, a slimy practice that oozes out at every pore of this festering infection of a daily democrat newsletter.... we get this supercilious moron with a "one editor, one cup" fetish that's constantly on display, to the detriment of our community.

You see, Lefty, it's easy to try and bully others into living up to a standard.  It's never easy to force yourself to live up to the same standards that you would impose on yourself.

So, I really didn't care one way or the other about the outcome.  I do care that the scumbag editor of that poison of our community wrongly believes that he has anything to say that is any more important... or wise... or knowledgeable... than those our government is here to serve: the people.

It was inevitable that our resident scumbag would "take credit" and engage in his hypocrisy:
I had written a column — an open letter — to Stewart a few days before this Tuesday meeting, urging her to reject the ordinance that had been proposed by Mielke.
Like that mattered?
The Columbian's regular coverage of the M&M boys, our editorials and columns kept their bad behavior alive. The public stayed on it, as well, and eventually the charter was passed based in large part on what was just described.
Lefty is dead wrong, of course, again assuming facts not in evidence... and, in fact, takes a position that is entirely and easily disproven.

It fits the meme, however, and given that Lefty lies with an ease witch most people breath, not to mention his narcissistic bent, he'll attempt to convince people that what these same scum supporting this garbage denied for months.  Namely, that this entire idiocy was NOT a result of their hatred of Madore and Mielke but instead, "what was best for us." was, in fact, the reason for its passage. (The number one reason it passed was the lies in the voter's pamphlet by our slimeball RINO Auditor. Hopefully, he'll pay the price for that, this whole thing will get thrown out and we'll get a do-over.)

Lefty never mentions that "inconvenient truth," which is a particularly nasty habit he has: leaving out the salient facts that actually impact a given situation.  (The biggest example of that is his failure to ever mention the truth, as delineated by the Oregon Supreme Court, concerning the truth behind the CRC/Loot Rail scam)

Throughout Brancaccio's pile of merde today, he uses the phrase "conservative Republican" like it's an epithet.  Such is the nature of a fringe-left whack job of any ilk; hatred of conservatives is the very reason they exist.  Think "Jim "Molehill" Moeller, another leftist hypocrite of some repute as an example.

Lefty did everything he could to tie Stewart to Madore: blasting out the poor, elderly, Al Bauer's worthless ethics complaint as if it was going to go anywhere or accomplish anything.  He beat her like a drum based on that connection and then DEMANDED her "independence" from him if she were to win.

Well, this would have been a dandy time to show that independence.  Lefty's head would have exploded: here he demands Stewart's "independence" and then blows a gasket if she had, in fact, showed that very thing by voting against him on this ordinance.

Instead, she voted with Madore and that supercilious bastard Brancaccio will try and take all the credit.

See, Lefty never REALLY wanted Stewart to be "independent" of Madore.  He just never conceived of a situation where Madore would ever take a position that he, Lefty, supported.  So, his whining, sniveling cut-cat act about Madore suddenly got real complicated, real fast.

And it wasn't that Stewart voted the way SHE felt was best... oh, no: it was the scumbag editor of the daily democrat's doing that made this all happen, because certainly this outcome would not have been possible without this ego-maniac waving his cup around like the blithering idiot he is.

Again, when hatred guides your actions, life can get complicated for some.  In this case, Lefty's hatred of Benton was the motive, and he was even willing to temporarily set aside his hatred of Madore to get the somewhat lower-hanging fruit of Benton's job.

And now that he believes he's got it, we return you to his regularly scheduled hatred of David Madore.

The base line for Lefty and his toilet paper is that everything David Madore does is wrong.

That's the number one sign of hatred, you understand: no matter what those you hate do, it's wrong. If they even do what you want, it's wrong.  Lefty's column today is him... doing that.

I'm guilty of it.  But the difference in the variety I practice is based entirely on one thing: what those like Lefty Lou and the scum he emulates have done and are doing to our community is the root of it.

Lefty hates anyone in government who foils his schemes.  But Lefty's biggest problem is that his agenda and what the people want are rarely together in the same zip code.  And I will hate ANYONE who attempts to get government to do what they want, not because it's right or because it's the will of the people, but because of who they think they are and how THEIR perspective should, somehow, trump that will of those they would govern in favor of their own, stilted, blindered point of view... people be damned.

Being the "smartest guy in the room," our resident ink-spattered narcissist simply cannot allow for the idea that others may have a differing view that actually is the best view.  Lefty is of the "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" ilk, someone who lies effortlessly, who knows he lies, but who does so for the "Greater Good," a communist tenet first identified by Karl Marx.

We have a president that is working very hard at ignoring the Constitution, at breaking our laws, at causing pain and destruction within this country which, before his Administration, would have been unimaginable.

Instead of castigating that President and our congresswoman for supporting him, Lefty Lou Brancaccio in fact emulates his messaging.  Instead of holding him and those working with him accountable, why, he's going to engage in his anti-conservative fetish... to the detriment of us all.

As I expected, even with the crushing defeats at the polls, the leftists like our resident Liar-in-Chief of the daily democrat are incapable of introspection.

Lefty fails to mention that as a part of his campaign where he completely bent himself... and us... over for that loser Pridemore... by doing everything he could to tie Stewart to Madore.

No, instead, we get tripe like this:
The showdown was about to begin. Me? I was hoping to get a front row seat to watch this play out. I'd bring along my Don't Do Stupid Stuff mug just to remind the decision-makers on what to do. Here we go!
Ultimately, for this nutberger to think he or his silly-assed cup had anything to do with any of this?  That's just another sign of his self delusional narcissism.

Meanwhile, the local left is shunned politically, save for the hard-core neo-communists and the incestuous politics of the downtown mafia, Chamber of Horrors, CRUDEC, Identity Vancouver types.

Fifteen legislators.  Three commissioners.

Of that number, twelve of the legislators and all of the Commissioners are GOP.

And what we don't see... what we are NEVER going to see... is a column by this scumbag as to why that's the case.

Delusion... both by self and by others... plays a major role in refusing to deal with reality.

And so this was the inevitable outcome.  The co-leader of Brancaccio's personal hate parade became vulnerable in part because of David Madore's political naivety.  Lefty would sell his own children if they were unfortunate enough to have him as their parentage, to get either one or both of these guys that he hates with every fiber of his being.

In retrospect, I would have urged passage of this ordinance, even though I personally leaned against it.

After all, those like Lefty who scammed the stupidity of the Charter and liars like Kimsey, who told us that if we didn't like the Charter, we could repeal it (We can't: it's permanent and unrepealable) kept telling us that if we didn't like the Charter, why, we could practically snap our fingers and get a question on the ballot so we could ALL vote on it.... right?

They failed to mention the requirement that we get 37,000 plus valid signatures to do that... and you can be the dillwad editor of the daily Pravda never got around to it.

So what better way to reinforce this crushing requirement on those who so avidly advocated this political brand of leprosy then to pass this ordinance and to force THEM to bear the burden they placed on us if they feel so strongly about this issue?

They wanted to change government?  Then let them go through the impossible system they foisted on us to make that happen.

Meanwhile, the hated-by-Lefty GOP generally and conservatives particularly have made the local leftists generally and the downtown mafia particularly, increasingly irrelevant.

I'd be careful if I were Lou, however.

Obamacare doesn't cover injuring yourself by patting yourself on the shoulder.

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