Wednesday, December 31, 2014

C3G2 scum still active with their hatred and double-standard: vilify GOP'er Benton while giving dems a pass.

One of the larger cancerous tumors on our community is the C3G2 Hate group that has always had, their outright lies notwithstanding, the destruction of Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke along with Sen. Don Benton as their reasons for existence.

That's why they so rabidly supported the hideous, neo-communist charter, regardless of their lies to the contrary.

The article discusses the lack of an invitation to one of the judicial dwarfs inhabiting the state supreme court... the chief dwarf, in fact, who had been in the past, given an invitation to waste the time of a joint session of the legislature by addressing them... as if she (Or whoever held that position) actually had anything important to say.

No doubt, this time around it would have been to beat them with a stick over McCleary.

Rightfully, in my opinion, the legislature... BOTH parties in the legislature, NOT just the GOP, failed to extend the invitation to the head dwarf to babble at the opening of session this year.  I, in fact, expect that the supreme court, which is attempting to use the state constitution as it's own personal brand of toilet paper, will likely never see such an invitation again.

Now, I'm not particularly sure why they quote Sen. Benton in this story; he is, after all, no longer a part of leadership and really has no say in the matter.  My expectation is that the plan was to, once again, hold Benton up like a piƱata, so the C3G2 haters could ooze out from under their rock and beat on him with their vitriol.

And their plan succeeded, with scumbags like former democratian editorial page editor John "Cockroach" Laird, Mike "I hate the GOP" George and one of the biggest yappers on the C3G2 hate site, Ed "Partisan hater is my middle name" Rutledge spewing their partisan nonsense and then some other little worm. some moron named Riley chiming in:

The stupidity and partisan hatred of it all is obvious.

These same scum were unmoved by the following paragraph from the story:
No one objected to skipping the speech in 2015. The House leadership came to a similar conclusion. House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, D-Covington, met with Madsen before Christmas to explain that no offense was intended.
"I made clear we have no interest in legislation that is meant to punish the courts or hold them in any disregard," he said.
As you would expect, the C3G2 scum merely saw Benton's name and did what they always do: they flipped out because their entire lives seriously seem to be based on partisan hatred to the exclusion of all else:

Otherwise, why is it these scum failed to mention the SAME variety of hate towards the DEMOCRAT House Majority leader?

See, it's not that thiese detritus hate: that's their privilege.

It's that they lie about it, like the charter scammers lied about it for months since our entire form of county government has been trashed, not because it's what's best for the people of this county, but because they hated Madore, Mielke and Benton.

It's their lies that make them despicable.

Meanwhile, the supreme court is teetering on the brink of some massive retaliation from the legislature. Further, as much as the fringe-left nutters infesting us hate it, the fact is that the Court cannot force the legislature to do anything.

THEIR lie and what makes them so worthless, is that they know it as well, but refuse to admit it.

And that's a shame, really.  It's also a shame that these morons actually believe that more wasted billions will solve anything when it comes to the union-saturated propaganda plant known as our schools.

If money solved the issues, these clowns would be cranking our geniuses instead of continuing a 30% drop out rate statewide.

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