Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Even now, the democratian lies about the Charter

"Fed up with an antiquated system of county government that gave too much power to three elected officials, voters approved a county charter that should bring a better system with appropriate checks and balances."
As if.

As if, had democrats kept control over county government, the charter would have happened.

As if it ever was about anything BUT David Madore.

As if this would have happened if the slimeball auditor hadn't used the voter pamphlet as a campaign piece in his hatred against the conservatives around here, this would have happened.

For the months leading up to the election, the C3G2 haters, in league with the fringe-left psychotic running the democratian kept telling us it had nothing to do with Madore per se', and that the whole thing was about "better representation" and "more transparency."

As if the left ever gave a damn about "transparency."

As if somehow our representation is better as a result of a 60% reduction in in our ability to vote for our county government (Before, we could vote for all three commissioners.... 100%; now, we're reduced to voting for 2 out of 5... or 40%) and the application of an impossible standard for signature gathering... now at 38,000 or so, allows us to actually have a direct say in this form of government.

The leftist scum lied about the charter... repeatedly... to get it passed, the fringe left hater running the rag supported it with lies like the one quoted above (If has no more "appropriate" checks and balances now then it did pre-charter, in fact, with the crippling reduction in the county voters ability to vote for our government as laid out above, it arguably has severely damaged our "checks and balances" but since when have these scum ever allowed the truth to get in their way?) when if, in fact, our county government was some form of the Titanic (as they led so many to believe) this horrific charter did anything but rearrange the deck chairs.

The Charter showed us who the lying scum in our community actually are.  The list of those funding this monstrosity is a list of people that will never get a penny from me, and is remarkably similar to the same list of scum who financed and/or supported the CRC Scam campaign (Like, you know... Greg Kimsey?) so, in the end, I seriously hope they choke on it.

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