Friday, January 02, 2015

Karma nails Harry Reid.

Like most on the fringe-left, Reid, the clown running Senate Democrats, is a lying scumbag.

His bizarre Kock Brothers fixation, for example, is a genuine hoot.... not unlike the sickness our own Lefty Lou displays towards David Madore... right up there with Reid's hypocritical silence about George Soros.

No one outside that anti-American, racist bigot in the White House has done more damage to the country than this slimeball.

So, I must admit that when I found this out:

Gateway Pundit shared a link.
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Reid suffered an accident in 2011 when he fell during an exercise run. Former Senate Majority Leader...
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... I was kind of pleased:  Karma had finally and directly done 

to Reid what he has been doing to this country.

There is a certain amount of poetic justice in this.  So, yeah, I

have zero sympathy.  

It's right up there with what my feelings would be if Bowe 

Bergdahl got run over by a freight train.

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