Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes, Brandon Vick WAS lying about his committee assignments: kicked off Appropriations and reduced to TWO!

One of the many reasons I cannot ever support Brandon Vick is that he's a liar.

Part of his big campaign shtick was that he was actually serving on 6 committees: that was a lie, since the committees were only during the interim and only done for eye wash to help make up for an abysmal tenure where he did absolutely nothing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vick continues to lie about his committee assignments.

For most of his tenure, Brandon Vick hasn't done spit. 

Nothing.  LESS than nothing, because he's been getting paid for it.

He blew off his entire first year, attempting to change precisely dick, satisfied with every law, every rule, every regulation to the point where he didn't even bother to introduce any legislation for a year.

He has, legislatively, accomplished precisely nothing.  A rock could and would have the same list of accomplishments.

And, he continues to lie about "committee assignments."

The rag went along with the lie, of course, knowing it wasn't true.  But here's the fact of the matter, based not only on my SIX years of experience on legislative staff, but also on what insiders I know up there have kept me informed about.

Vick has 6 assignments to committees only because he begged leadership to temporarily let him have vacancies when they came up... purely and entirely as a political ploy to drown out those of us attempting to hold this clown accountable for wasting our time and effort during his abortive tenure in the House.

There's a reason he keeps lying about the committees, and I KNOW he's lying because it is functionally impossible to be on 6 committees when it matters: during session.

When session actually starts, it won't take him long at all to go back to the normal three... if any of the committees will have him.

Meanwhile, he lies about leadership (He has none and is, in fact, a wallflower back bencher) getting called into negotiations (Only to take coffee orders, because no one else cares what he's got to say) and then the stupidity of this committee garbage.

Relying on a democratian endorsement certainly should be all the indication you need that, as a Republican, Vick is worthless.

The only problem is that Mussolini Mikey Briggs is even worse.

Still, Vick needs to actually get off his ass and worry more about serving us then he does the free lunches he's loved so much as an office perk.

Vick, unfortunately, will win because the GOP could run a brick in the 18th and win.

He's living proof of that.
Well, as expected, his interim committee assignments were pure bullshit, eyewash to get the ignorant such as the democratian and others who have no idea how it works to be impressed by a clown who wasted his entire first year "representing" us in the 18th District... if you can call it that.

While the other representatives are sending out word on their committee assignments, Vick seems strangely quiet about his.

Well, duh.

Here are ALL of the House Committee assignments for the upcoming session.  Vick's name is highlighted.  Let's count the number of committees he's actually going to be on, shall we?
Dec. 18, 2014
CONTACT: Sarah Stewart, Public Information Officer, (360) 786-7720
Rep. Dan Kristiansen - (360) 786-7967
House Republicans name members, ranking members to House committees for 2015

Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-39
House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen
House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish, named members of House committees from the House Republican Caucus today. He also appointed ranking members of the committees to take the lead for the caucus on various issues before the Legislature. The committee appointments are as follows:
Agriculture & Natural Resources  Buys (Ranking), Dent (Assistant Ranking), Chandler, Kretz, Orcutt, Schmick
Appropriations  Chandler (Ranking), Wilcox (Assistant Ranking), Parker (Assistant Ranking), Buys, Condotta, Dent, Fagan, Haler, Hunt, MacEwen, Magendanz, Schmick, Stokesbary, Taylor, Van Werven
Business & Financial Services Vick (Ranking), Parker (Assistant Ranking), Hunt, Kochmar, McCabe
Capital Budget  DeBolt (Ranking), Smith (Assistant Ranking), Kochmar, Walsh
Commerce & Gaming  Condotta (Ranking), Holy (Assistant Ranking), Scott, Vick
Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs  Johnson (Ranking), Zeiger (Assistant Ranking), Hawkins
Early Learning & Human Services  Walsh (Ranking), Scott (Assistant Ranking), Dent, Hawkins, McCaslin
Education  Magendanz (Ranking), Muri (Assistant Ranking), Stambaugh (Assistant Ranking), Caldier, Fagan, Griffey, Hargrove, Hayes, Klippert, McCaslin
Environment  Shea (Ranking), Short (Assistant Ranking), Harris, Pike, Taylor
Finance  Nealey (Ranking), Orcutt (Assistant Ranking), Condotta, Manweller, Stokesbary, Wilcox
General Government & Information Technology  MacEwen (Ranking), Caldier (Assistant Ranking), McCabe
Health Care & Wellness  Schmick (Ranking), Harris (Assistant Ranking), Caldier, DeBolt, Johnson, Rodne, Short
Higher Education  Zeiger (Ranking), Haler (Assistant Ranking), Hargrove, Holy, Stambaugh, Van Werven
Judiciary  Rodne (Ranking), Shea (Assistant Ranking), Haler, Klippert, Muri, Stokesbary
Labor Manweller (Ranking), Hunt (Assistant Ranking), McCabe
Local Government Taylor (Ranking), Griffey (Assistant Ranking), McCaslin, Pike
Public Safety  Klippert (Ranking), Hayes (Assistant Ranking), Griffey, Wilson
State Government  Holy (Ranking), Van Werven (Assistant Ranking), Hawkins
Technology & Economic Development  Smith (Ranking), DeBolt (Assistant Ranking), Harmsworth, Magendanz, Nealey, Young
Transportation  Orcutt (Ranking), Hargrove (Assistant Ranking), Harmsworth, Hayes, Kochmar, Pike, Rodne, Shea, Wilson, Young, Zeiger
Rules  Kristiansen (Ranking), Kretz (Assistant Ranking), Haler, Harmsworth, Harris, Short, Stambaugh, Wilcox, Young, Zeiger
The 2015 legislative session is scheduled to begin Jan. 12 and last 105 days.
To learn more about the House Republican caucus, visit:
Washington State House Republican Communications
461 John L. O'Brien Building
P.O. Box 40600
You all remember Lumpy's campaign, don't you?  The SIX committee lie?


  • Business and Financial Services (Assistant Ranking Republican)
  • Appropriations
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Education
  • Finance
  • Government Accountability & Oversight
  • Technology and Economic Development

  • And the slobbering endorsement of the morons at the Lazy C that included these lies:
    During his first two years in the Legislature, Vick demonstrated the capacity for hard work. He served on six committees — including appropriations, finance and government accountability — and boasts that he never missed a vote. On the other hand, it did take Vick awhile to find his footing. He was the primary sponsor for no bills during the 2013 Legislative session, telling The Columbian at the time, "You can write a bill for whatever you want; whether you should write a bill is the question." He added at the time that he was working on some legislation, but that it wasn't ready for "prime time."
    First, he did not at any time during any session serve on 6 committees... that fallacious claim was made and written to counter the truth of the disaster of his tenure: that he accomplished absolutely nothing during the time he's been elected.  It's easy to "boast" you "didn't miss a vote" when you didn't have any votes to take.

    Second, he's even managed to get kicked off Appropriations and is such a weakling that he has only been allowed on two.... TWO committees, neither one of any major stature.

    Third, he mailed it in during his first year out of sheer, unadulterated, laziness.

    As I pointed out from the beginning: Brandon Vick is a liar and he is unfit to serve,  He manipulated everyone to believe that he does all this work when, in fact, it's a sham and an act.

    As I knew it was from the beginning.

    And he should resign because of it.

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