Friday, December 19, 2014

Democratian hits full lying scum mode: calls I-5 Bridge "death trap."

We already know that when it comes to their agenda, Lefty Lou and his band of lying scum will pull out all the stops to get everyone to believe their lies.

Lefty's I-5 Bridge fetish remains unassailed by the countywide rejection by the voters who live here. Like any leftist, he could care less what the facts are or what the people say.

A clown from Bloomberg News (Grabbing your guns is not all that scumbag is willing to lie about) released a Columbian-like turd of a story that lies, misleads, exaggerates and omits the salient facts that have resulted in the rejection of Lefty's Idiocy, the CRC/Loot Rail Scam.

While the blithering idiot wrote this garbage would like the bridge to have been the nexus between Sens. Rivers and Benton's feud, the bridge had nothing to do with it.  That this scumbag relies on it isn't because it's true, but because it fits his fringe-left asswipe meme.

No where in the story does that democratian-like liar mention the Oregon State Supreme Court decision that determined the entire basis for the CRC Scam was to infect Clark County with Portland's hideously expensive loot rail.

Calling a lying scumbag like "The Liar" Leavitt an "independent" is like calling Vlad Lenin a Christian Scientist.

Why would this scummy little worm have to ask "why are they fighting it?"

Clearly, first, the "why" we are fighting it is utterly irrelevant.  THAT we are fighting it should be that scumbag's only concern.  He works for the people and not the other way around.

No where in the story does he mention that there was zero effort by his fellow fringe-left nutters to compromise, or that the governor's of both Oregon and Washington told us that there would be no bridge without loot rail on it.

The claim that "...they also traditionally oppose light rail, which was yoked to the project because most of Obama's promised subsidy came from public-transit funds," is also an out right lie, given that Bus Rapid Transit would also have met the requirements needed for "public transit funds."

This is the variety of criminally incompetent "journalism" that the democratian so favors.

Now the democratian is again falsely trying to portray this waste of $200 million as a "safety" issue when clearly, the governors of both Oregon and Washington were absolutely unconcerned about "safety," because if safety was their concern, they wouldn't have thrown that overboard in favor of light rail.

The unnamed scumbag who wrote the headline deserves a punch in the mouth for this lie:

Bridge of 1917 remains deathtrap as infrastructure crumbles

And Lefty Lou deserves one for printing it.

Of the many embarrassments to the science of journalism that Lefty Lou's despicable tenure represents, this pile of tripe is at the very top of the list.

By the way, it's frightening that anyone in government, no matter how much a total scumbag sell out they might be (Are you listening, COL Smith?) would remotely consider this tripe an "Excellent read!"

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