Monday, December 22, 2014

The ongoing C3G2 hate group-type stupidity concerning Rivers, Benton and transportation.

Oh, the whining slime infesting us.

Contrary to the democratian stupidity spewed here:
That places pressure directly upon state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center — both of whom were instrumental in killing the Columbia River Crossing proposal in the 2013 Legislature. Inslee said: "I'm the guy who tried to spend $1 billion in your community, and you wouldn't take it." While there were some good reasons for opposing the CRC, the opposition drove jobs, money, and infrastructure away from Clark County. If local residents end up paying their share of a statewide transportation package, it is incumbent upon Benton and Rivers to ensure that some of those funds are returned to the region in the form of much-needed projects. As former Texas Congressman Sam Rayburn once said: "A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one."
The reality of the situation is this: the C3G2 hate group scum braying below this idiotic drivel continue to do what the morons at the democratian tell them.

The other reality is this: none of these scum have offered up anything.

No plan.  No vision.  No idea.  No nothing that isn't spelled "CRC/Loot Rail."  In fact, how many times have fringe-left nuts like Molehill Moeller told us that he would oppose ANY project that isn't THAT project?

In short, there is ZERO "pressure" on either Benton or Rivers regarding transportation.


First, these two Senators implemented the repeatedly shown will of their constituents.

Second, outside the Vancouver Soviet, not a single one of the pro-CRC Scamming democrats were elected or re-elected.

The result?

There should be pressure, all right.  But the hypocrites at the daily democrat should be aiming it where it most properly belongs: at the democrats (And perhaps the moron who wrote this editorial) who whine and snivel but offer up precisely dick when it comes to solving the transportation problems of this region.

That we properly rejected $2000 per commuter year tolls and the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars places no pressure on anyone save for the die-hard CRC/Loot rail scammers who doggedly continue to insist that the CRC is the ONLY project they will support.

Multiple alternatives have been proposed.  None of them have been supported by the haters.

Let's remember: those shilling this rip off package are those the left rabidly supported.

If they don't like it, they should make better choices next time, and stop sniveling THIS time.

The democratian's penchant for revisionist history notwithstanding (How's that fake half-billion dollars per year in general fund tax revenue from pot legalization working for these morons?) the fact is this: we, the people, are the ones who opposed the stupidity of their pet project.

Democrat whining about it... democratian lying about it... democratian revisionism about it... changes none of it.

Propose alternative solutions.  Find something you can support that doesn't involve replacing the I-5 Bridge or loot rail.

Until you do?

Shut the hell up.

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