Monday, December 22, 2014

The hypocrisy of Lefty Lou Brancaccio’s “Independence from Madore” canard.

So, one of the many failed efforts at character assassination so favored by the leftist scum infesting us were Lefty Lou’s unceasing effort to portray Commissioner Jeannie Stewart (Then Candidate Stewart) as a tool for David Madore was this idiotic, bogus, hatred-driven partisan hackery wherein he oozed out from under his rock and claimed that Stewart was just another tool of David Madore.

We heard it repeatedly.  Incessantly.  It was the Anvil Chorus in a failed effort to resurrect Craig Pridemore’s mediocre political career.  And like all of the efforts he used to support his candidates in competitive races, it failed abysmally.

However, when confronted with the first opportunity to vote against David Madore, what does she do?

Instead of voting AGAINST Madore, she votes WITH him.

And what does our local slimeball editor of the daily democrat have to say about that?

“Stewart makes the right decision” was the headline of his latest anti-Benton, Anti-Madore screed.

In short, this was never about Commissioner Stewart’s “independence” from David Madore.  That was merely Lefty Lou’s cover gag.

No… it begins and ends with one thing: vote the way Lefty Lou wants… do what Lefty Lou wants…. Say what Lefty Lou wants…. What Lefty Lou wants… what Lefty Lou Wants… ad infinitum.

Lefty’s efforts to manipulate the ignorant leftists infesting us aren't even subtle.

With Lefty Lou, it’s NEVER been about the “independence” scam.  It begins and ends with the demand and the requirement that Commissioner Stewart do whatever and whenever Lefty Lou tells her to.

The truest aspect of the megalomaniac masquerading as an editor.

Generally speaking, government at all levels is best served… as are the people of this community and this nation… by doing the exact opposite of whatever that insane clown at the daily D wants.

But don’t be fooled.  The political love affair between Lefty Lou and Commissioner Stewart will last only as long as he perceives that Stewart is doing what he, Lefty, demands.

C3G2 haters don’t care.  That ilk will hate anyone to the right of Mao.  Their hate against both Madore and Stewart continues unabated.

Because that’s how they… and Lefty Lou… roll.

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