Monday, December 29, 2014

Democratian blows it: The COURT was "misguided and petty."

One of the many things our local rag is comfortable with is the leftist-centric state supreme court where few, if any of the Justices live out of sight of Seattle, relatively speaking; and the rag's foolish and slavish devotion to that branch of government, wrongfully ascribing God-like power to that Court because they typically mouth the fringe-left meme on all issues related to government policy, ie, the waste of paper known as "McCleary," is all too clear and all too presented through their leftist, nutburger filter/prism.

The rag and all other fringe left organizations turn a blind eye towards the concept of "co-equal branches of government" as if the concept, let alone the reality, does not exist.

Believe me, given the record of hypocrisy the rag displays as an editorial policy, had the roles been reversed; had the legislature sent threatening letters to the Supreme Court demanding that they rule the OPPOSITE way they actually ruled, AGAINST McCreary, this malevolent excuse for a newspaper would be firing up their Ignorant Brigade with torches and pitchforks much like they did the morons post-Benton hiring.

And that's the thing: if one branch threatens another branch with any action, as the Legislature has been laughingly threatened with punitive action if they don't toe the Supreme Court's line on McCleary, which the Court, of course, have no legal right to do; the very idea promulgated by this cancer on our community, that the legislature should just bend themselves (and us) over and take it is absurd.

My sources tell me that HB 1051 is just the first shot across the bow of the Court; that reducing their seats by 4 down to 5 total justices (California, for example, only has 7)  is possible and defunding the Court altogether are options very much on the table.

If the Court continues to threaten or bluster or insult the law-making body of this state then they should expect retaliation for their misdeeds.

Given the rag's political, financial and social humiliation, you would expect they would have gotten a clue by now.

Memo to the rag; memo to the Supreme Court:

Play stupid games?

Win stupid prizes.

And no amount of fringe-left blather from Greg Jayne will change any of that. 

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