Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lefty Lou can fill his own spot #10

Because this moron actually believes that what he thinks matters (Every legislative and commissioner candidate running outside the Vancouver Soviet would beg to differ) he spewed out another in his mind-paralyzing self-aggrandizing column manufacturing plant, the kind of garbage he punches out like movie tickets.

Naturally, given his psychotic obsession and hatred of the county commissioners, most of his bile was aimed in their direction.

The City of Vancouver, hardly a paragon of "good governance," came in, as it always does, for very little criticism.  After all, they're charter members of the downtown mafia ("Why, there's more political incest downtown than there is in Kalama!") and he certainly wants to continue to gain entree to all the parties, Good Lord willing and the industrial strength Just For Men hair coloring don't rise.

Of all the many challenges confronting this community, our psychotic editor pick many that are among the least significant to wax his particular brand of poetry upon.

For example, no one was held accountable for failing to coalesce around acceptable solutions concerning transportation over the Columbia River.

His very rag babbles about pressure on two of our senators, Rivers and Benton, who played a major role in actually listening to the people and killing the idiotic CRC/Loot Rail scam.

But like every other leftist, they fail to offer up any alternative not spelled "CRC/Loot Rail" and he holds no one of his fellow leftists accountable for failing to join with local GOP legislators to hammer out an agreement that will, God-forbid, past muster with the voters of this county.

He fails to hold the scum running the CTran Board accountable for their idiocy on abrogating our local authority for eminent domain to an unelected, out-of-state agency.  He fails to hold scum like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it accountable for ignoring the expressed will of the voters on the BRT scam.

He fails to tell the truth about the empty threats of downtown developers pulling out of their waterfront rip off if the oil terminal is built.

With Lefty Lou, it's not just his fringe-leftist positions that are so damaging to this community: after all, any idiot is entitled to be a fringe-left nutjob and he does that part very well.

It's that he presents that stupidity as mainstream political thought while continuing to lie about his own political posturing.  It's that his soap box is not used for what's best fort this community... but instead, is used to further that downtown mafia, Identity Vancouver agenda that results in essentially evil, totalitarian "I don't speak for the people... I'll NEVER speak for the people" types running the show.

And for that, Lefty, I would urge you to fill your unfilled #10 spot.

While you should be in the #1 position considering how badly you've failed in most everything you've tried, that you would hold YOURSELF accountable for any of the damage and the divide that so hurts this community would be both just... and rather poetic.

Give it some thought... won't you, Lefty?

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