Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lesson learned about media manipulation.

"We report.  You decide."

Here locally, the democratian has been on their anti-conservative jihad for the last couple of decades generally... and against effective conservatives particularly (Madore/Mielke/Benton) for the past few years taken to a higher level.

But it's not just the leftist media that engages in an effort of rampant manipulation.

FOXNews now plays the game as much as MSNBC.

There poll, an obvious outlier, shows Trump at only +3 nationwide.  They're acting like it's all over for Trump, as they have done at least a dozen times before... only to have to wipe the egg off their face repeatedly.   And the polls that show Trump collapsing to Cruz are obvious nonsense to anyone paying attention.

But not to FOXNews.  And when other polls come out showing how idiotic FOXNews polling was here, they won't even mention it.

Recently, the issues of Donald Trump's campaign manager has again shot to the fore, with a misdemeanor charge of simple assault resulting in FOXNews' effort to equate it with a serial rapist and to use that to splatter Trump... never mind that the prosecutor is in the tank for HillBilly.

I can see mentioning the allegation... and that, of course, is all it is: an allegation.

But to focus on it as if it mattered; repeatedly, 24/7?

That's a level of hatred that would make Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio blush in envy.  In fact, FOXNews is doing their own imitation of the daily democrat here locally, and they've set their sights on Trump.

Trump says something, and they stuff a camera into the faces of his opponents and ask them what THEIR opinion of his words are.

Well, what do you EXPECT them to be?  And why would anyone care what those clowns have to say?

You see, rarely does it go the other way: rarely do we see each and every speech undergo their microscope and then, once parsed, do they go for Trump's opinion, relative to the reverse happening to Trump.

To that end, FOXNews HAS reported and I HAVE decided: I've decided that don't want Trump to be president any more than they want Sanders.  I have decided they will do anything they can to keep that from happening, including harping on their bizarre, outlier polls as if they were legit... to make that happen.

They are, in effect, as guilty of bias as that scumbag in Vancouver that runs the daily rag.

And like so many other elements of dishonorable politics, BOTH sides engage in it: not just the left.

Those of us on the right would like to THINK that lies, manipulation, exaggeration and that sort of thing is the hallmark of the left: after all, hasn't MSNBC become the punch-line of a million jokes on the subject of media bias?

But now, the allegations from the left concerning FOXNews are beginning to ring truer and truer; perhaps just not the way they would suggest.

The outcome, however, is the same.

As I look at the current situation: the idea that Ted Cruz can't seem to keep his pants zipped for example, made a quick splash and then, just as quickly, FOXNews made it disappear, even though there appears to be more evidence, IMHO, that it did happen then it didn't; it would seem that FOXNews intense focus on this issue... which has precisely nothing to do with Trumps suitability or lack thereof for the presidency, is the thing.

This is the equivalent of Trump's driver getting a parking ticket.  It has zero relevance to the campaign, zero relevance to Trump's ability to govern and, in fact, is the same kind of "gotcha" politics the leftist outfits practice.

I could care less if the guy even did it or not.

Unlike Cruz's zipper, this issue has nothing to do with Trump as an individual.  FOXNews knows that, so by hammering him on it, hour in, hour out; day in, day out; they're attempting to MAKE it an issue to negatively impact Trump's efforts in the primary.

So now, instead of watching FOXNews, which has lost any pretense of fairness or non-bias, I'm finding myself watching decade-old JAG reruns on INSP with a soup├žon of "Our First Flip" or whatever it is on DIY (comedy gold) because I'm not interested in watching ANY political jihad network, left OR right.

This is yet another indicator of the insanity of this election cycle.  But like so much in politics... it does tend to bring out the true colors of those in positions of power.  And it's going to get far worse before it gets any better.  If it ever does.

And like so many others... I loath what I see.

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