Saturday, March 24, 2012

More of the usual Brancaccian hypocrisy.

There is an unspoken irony... and your usual hypocrisy... about Lou Brancaccio's column today.

Besides it's being his typically self-flagellating, "hurray for me!" garbage, political insiders have known Madore was preparing for a run for the better part of a year.... since it was, in fact, the prime mover behind his withdrawal from the Port Commissioner race.

But the ironic hypocrisy of Brancaccio's column is that it was a year ago that his people generally, and Lou, particularly, began their process of covering up for Rep. Jim Jacks' alcohol-fueled mistreatment of women in Olympia, to include female staff. Brancaccio didn't work nearly as hard to uncover the truth then as his effort here to break his own shoulder through his narcissistic, self-back slapping here.

His excuse then?

"No paper trail."

So now, you begin your efforts to smear Madore as your try and save fellow democrat Marc Boldt from himself... it's kind of like that Star Wars scene where the Emporer is trying to corrupt Luke Skywalker over to the forces of the dark side.

But when it comes down to it, I seriously doubt that anyone gives a damn about how late he was to the party. And when you provide equal focus on the myriad of stories and columns where you've completely blown it... misread the situation.... misreported it... exaggerated... or flat out lied?

Then you might have something to talk about.

But when  it comes to your all-too-typical, narcissistic, hurrah-for-me, I'm smarter than everybody else crap like this column?

Save it.


Jack said...

You sort of get the feeling that Brancaccio carries around a mirror and spends most of the day looking into it and kissing it. John Laird also has a similar mirror but his is all cracked.

LewWaters said...

Let's face it, his prediction of Madore running had a 50% chance either way.

It was either he will he won't deal.

Those sort of predictions are easy to make.

Jack said...

But you have to follow Brancaccio's "tone", Lew. It's always "all about him" no matter what he's trying to reference. He's so "with it" and "cool", you know.

Anonymous said...

Jack, I can confirm that that certain someone that you mention has a bigger ego than Greg or you display. I have wondered if Mr. Brancaccio has that mirror out and vanity hasn't shown more brightly?

I was at a recent event with his reporters and guess who shows up? I can tell you I had a near heart attack and my negative, controlled feelings were out on display...


Jack said...

The Columbian is not a "fun" place to work, Jeremy.I hear that
"somebody" always has his nose in everybody else's rear-end.