Sunday, March 25, 2012

In my view: leftist newspaper Columbian's support of Boldt hurts him... and not us.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

There was never any doubt that the leftists would rush to vilify the GOP banishment of Boldt.  I've said as much here, as I wrote that both the democrats and the Columbian fully supports Boldt since he is both a democrat and someone who flawlessly executes the Columbian's agenda with near perfection.

They didn't disappoint.

In a column of many lies, this one stands out:
Worst of all, Boldt had endorsed a Democrat: Stuart. Egads! But rather than sharing the GOP hierarchy’s revulsion about this treason, Boldt more calmly observed that if he and Stuart didn’t compromise, “we’d never get anything done.” True that.
NOT true that.  Lies, damned lies and the Columbian.

Obviously, like their fellow leftists, Boldt never considered that if any compromising needs to be done, STUART needs to do it.  And if Boldt had IGNORED Stuart and voted with Mielke, then ANYTHING could have "been done."

Why Marc lied is beyond me.  Why the Columbian repeated that lie is, well, obvious.

Writing about fellow-leftist Marc Boldt like he was paying them, they did another campaign puff-piece for Boldt that has me torn and makes me come to the Schwerpunkt: do *I* run so I can spend the next several months pounding my own brother in law?

That remains to be determined.  But it's also in the cards, because there is so much about Boldt that many do not know.  If, for whatever the reason, the local GOP caves to the kind of crap Brancaccio is troweling out, then the likelihood of my run against Boldt increases.


It really doesn't even matter what came out of Brancaccio's sewer hole in his effort for Boldt, that he's even MAKING such an effort goes to the level of Boldt's leftist bent: otherwise, the rag would have cheerfully allowed him to dangle in the wind.

The irony here is that by shoving him out of the leftist closet, they're just striving to confirm what the GOP has said: there flipping on Boldt from the good old days when they crucified him every 10 minutes or so does not mean a Columbian move to the center.... it means a Boldt move to the left.

As always when political organizations are not run by those with media savy, Brandon Vick made a terrible mistake in saying anything to the Columbain except "This is an internal matter, and we will deal with it internally.  Other then that, I have no comment."

The GOP here locally did the right thing, in so far as kick Boldt out.

That the leftists like Brancaccio and his fellow dems are attempting to make some sort of political hay out of this is all we need to see to confirm their actions.

Boldt is out.  He's routinely voted left, and routinely left Mielke hanging both in the Commission and the multiple CRC votes where Boldt has even refused to give Tom a second to his motions. 

It's time for him to go because, frankly, I would rather a genuine democrat have Boldt's seat then a fake Republican.

Boldt is NOT "one of our own" and hasn't been for years, so criticizing him, like any other democrat politician, is what we do.

And of course, one does wonder: why would anyone care what a fringe-left rag, populated with hypocrites and socialists, has to say? If we need their advice about GOP politics or positions or actions, we'll certainly ask for it. Otherwise, STFU.

Marc can feel free to do anything he wants... except remain a Republican. The only problem is he cannot switch parties without appearing to be an even BIGGER hypocrite.... since he's pro-life and all.

One DOES have to wonder: if it was Tom Melke they were trashing, would this cancer on our community be writing THIS way, about him? Of course not.

As a democrat swindle-sheet that, in the past, has DEMANDED Boldt's resignation when he has acted like a conservative, the mere fact that they're engaging in this kind of meddling damage control shows how correct the actions of the GOP are. That the democrats lie about not sanctioning anyone doesn't change a thing... nor does this effort at force-mainstreaming a fringe-left voting RINO.

I will be at the meeting on Tuesday.  I will be doing everything I can to keep Marc out... not because David Madore is running... I'd be doing the same thing if Barak Obama was running.

I'm going to do what I can to keep him out because his conduct has shamed us, because he never even bothered to read the party platform, because he's repeatedly engaged in conflict of interest votes for his wife, because he's received 10's of thousands of dollars worth of tickets from the amphitheater for free, because he's voted to gerrymander the CTran tax district, because he's voted to increase taxes and fees in the midst of this horrific recession, because he voted to take our weapons away from us and for many other reasons that will remain private for now.

And Marc, I've got to tell you: if you don't like what's happened here, then feel free to quit screwing around and become a democrat. It's been years since we would have missed you.


Martin Hash said...

I agree with the gist of your argument but most people don't read the paper, and fewer still have any idea who Boldt is? (Or any politician for that matter.) It would take a tsumuni to defeat him... What do you think Madore needs to do?

Just a guy said...

To remove an incumbent requires several things, but most all of them are minor compared to "anger."

I lay it out here in some detail:

You also need a PAC that would run adds like:

"Over the past 3 and a half years, Marc Boldt has voted against every effort to by Tim Mielke to rein in the CRC. He has raised our taxes. He has raised our fees. Over his tenure as a commissioner, Boldt has even voted to confiscate our weapons in the event of a commissioner-declared emergency."

"Marc Boldt is SUPPOSED to represent us, not the downtown special interests that own fellow democrat commissioner Steve Stuart. Call Boldt at 379-xxxx and tell him: stop voting with Stuart... and start voting with Mielke."

Madore has blown a golden opportunity be failing to organize the commuters, a block of roughly 65,000 voters and their families.

Had he been working on that for the past 6 months to a year, this wouldn't even be an election and Boldt would be slaughtered.

As for taking a tsunami, what it takes is, of course, money, focus, a lack of fear, and a massive program to educate the voter; both on what Boldt has done wrong (simplicity in itself) what you (Madore) would have done differently and what you (Madore would do differently in the future.

Make this a referendum on the entire CRC project: bridge, light rail and tolls, because Boldt supports them all.

Anger is the key to removing an incumbent. It's how Leavitt won, by lying about his toll stance and tapping into that anger to get rid of Pollard.

Find that anger. Tap into it, and Boldt is done.

This i likely to be a GOP year. Those betraying GOP principles, regardless of party label, are much more at risk.

Madore has the money. he needs to surround himself with professionals and not people that he "likes," or who happen to profess to share his religious view, even when they're lying about THAT (Jon Russell, for example) and he needs to approach his politics the same way he approaches his business: base it on outcomes.

He needs to hammer the fact that the democrats aren't running anyone against Boldt. Why?

Because Boldt has become a democrat for their purposes.

And if he's not willing to get into the political version of a fist-fight; if he's not willing to show a single-minded focus to achieve this goal, then he needs to knock it off and call it a day.

Martin Hash said...

Love your copy. The PAC that supports Madore would be well advised to use it, (and hire you).