Monday, March 26, 2012

Washougal City Council memo to Jon Russell: "Show up or shut up."

Apparently, as a rabid reader of my blog, Washougal City Councilman and failed congressional/legislative candidate Jon Russell has been missing a great many of the city council meetings where, oddly enough, he's expected to show up. Clearly, he thinks so little of those who were fooled into voting for him that he fails miserably in his job of representing them.

When I found out about Russell's new gig, I indicated that he'd be resigning. I had presumed it would be sooner because, well, after all, there's no way that someone like Russell would be much more interested in keeping a title then he would making sure that those he fooled would actually be REPRESENTED by someone... would he?

Since Russell scammed his gig going around the region's college campuses, he's managed to blow off most of the city council meetings which, as a consequence of his position on the city council, you might expect him to, well attend.

Russell, who pretty much has shown over the years that he only really cares about himself; now, apparently, views his unfortunate constituents as mere annoyances, routinely blowing off the city council meetings he was elected to attend.

When not continuing to make up fake identities on Facebook, (And he's still doing that... with many of his multiple fake identities being removed from the Columbian because Russell's too stupid to understand that with each post he spews, along comes his ip address) Russell continues to buff his resume' by going around from campus to campus talking the pre-life goal.

An admirable message... but couldn't they find someone better to deliver it?

Jon Russell Watch was developed to, well, keep an eye on Jon Russell. But he has to be around TO watch. And when it comes to his elected duties in Washougal?

He's invisible.

At some point, the city council will have to act. Why Russell doesn't have the decency to resign so someone can be appointed to take his place who actually takes this job seriously, unless it's because I said he would resign?

Well, we all know the answer to that.

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