Thursday, March 22, 2012

The institutional and bizarre idea of "gender neutrality" in the US Army.

I'll be honest here, I've never been a big fan of women in the military.

And it's not because "they are women" and "we are men."  It's because that in a truly gender-blind military, EVERYONE would have to meet the same standards in EVERYTHING.  As I write this right now, there are around at least 15,000 women in the military who are pregnant: and pregnant means you're non-deployable... plus it means hundreds of millions of dollars of waste to pay for servicemembers who cannot do the job we are paying them for... and that someone ELSE has to take their place TO do.  "Non-deployable," particularly for a voluntarily assumed condition, means "non-equal," because a male voluntarily putting himself into a non-deployable medical condition means punitive action of some sort.  But for women?

That's "different."

Well, guess what.  It AIN'T "different."  It's one of many signs of institutional inequality, where women are treated "differently" because of their plumbing.

At the end of the day, for example, everything else failing, every member of the US Army, like every member of the Marines, is supposed to be a rifleman.

So, to that end, I have problems with the concept of women in the military because, while they are SUPPOSED to be considered "equal," they do not have to pass the PT test at the same levels as men.

"Equality" is kind of a black and white word... with a black and white meaning.  There are no shades of grey in that word... much like pregnancy, one is, or one isn't.

Same with equality.  One has it, or one doesn't.

As long as there are institutional mind sets, as illustrated below, there will never be equality in the military.

It is the subtle bigotry of lowered expectations.

I want women to have absolute equality.  But "absolute" means just that: "Absolute."

You want in my military?  Then meet the same standards.  Run as fast, do as many pushups, etc, etc.

Make sure you do not make yourself non-deployable like I had to make sure I never made myself non-deployable.

Which brings us to the latest bigotry by a Major General, this time, the guy in charge of developing the PT Test, Richard Longo.  Here's the background on one part of the test... push-ups.
• Pushups for one minute. This event was nearly replaced with dead-hang pullups, which are a better measure of functional upper body strength. Pullups were included in more than 1,000 pilot tests conducted at Fort Bliss, Texas. The scoring discrepancy between men and women was so great that different events would have been required to keep it fair. For example, Marines test men with dead-hangs and women with a flex-arm hang.
Army officials are adamant that the new test remain gender-neutral. That means identical events with different scoring standards for men and women.
So, on one hand, the Army demands that the test be "gender neutral."


An Army which can close with, and destroy most enemies with some relative ease is too goddamned dumb to understand that "different scoring standards for men and women" is NOT "gender neutral."
“If we did the pullups, it would disadvantage the female soldiers, and I’m just not comfortable with that,” Longo said
You're not "comfortable" with that?


If they can't do it, then, well, THEY CAN'T DO IT.
This event was nearly replaced with dead-hang pullups, which are a better measure of functional upper body strength.

We HAVE a "better measure of functional upper body strength" AND WE DON'T USE IT????

Because we've got to keep it... "fair."

Well, guess what?

A bullet don't care.

"Gender equality in the military?"

Not in my life time.


Jack said...

Armies are first and foremost fighting units. Military regimen is totally based upon discipline. Without discipline, an army is useless.

Women in the military are a distraction to discipline. Sexuality of any sort is a distraction to discipline.

Therefore, neither women nor sexuality have any place in the army if you want to field the best fighting force possible.

That's just the way it is. Period.

The problem is that politicians and morons have made the army an arena of "social experiments", but all that has done is to degrade America's military.

Martin Hash said...

Law schools and Medical schools are 2/3 women now. Graduate schools of almost all kinds are predominately women. It's going to get worse because testosterone makes males, in general, less suited for traditional educational methods. Soon women will be "white" collar and men will be "blue" collar. You can let it happen or you can do something about it!

Same thing for the military but in reverse…

Jack said...

I don't think testosterone has much to do with it, Martin. It can't, because too many men these days don't have any balls.

Martin Hash said...

Your point is taken, Jack.