Sunday, March 11, 2012

More sniveling from the FOG: You're damned right those wind mills should be built.

One of the more bizarre elements of the neofacist supporters of the Gorge Scenic Act's oppression is the strange idea that its proponents have that not only can they control every element of the lives of the people unfortunate enough to live within that area, but they should also have some say on the lands OUTSIDE those boundaries of an area where much of the United States Constitution is but a distant memory.

Of course, the vast majority of those so concerned over this area don't LIVE in it, you understand; they just demand the right to regulate the lives of those who do.  Tom Koenninger, the late, unlamented editor of the Columbian, was practically insane on the issue... so radical on it, using his unfettered soapbox to hammer those opposed to his utopian view... his demands that then Rep. Marc Boldt resign for having the wisdom to work with Oregon Senator Ted Ferrioli to slash the Gorge Commission budget (A stance that, by the way, forced me to get a concealed weapons permit since I was Boldt's office... and there were a few choice death threats that resulted) or be "thrown out by his constituents in the next election..."  His persecution of the Beas, a publishing jihad that was unanimously thrashed in the Washingon State Supreme Court, 9-0 still stands as the ultimate smack down of his idiocy.  His demands that the Gorge remain his personal post card existence because of how it was when he was a kid, worked to make the lives of thousands sheer, economic, misery... and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Some have personally made bank off of that concept... And Kevin Gorman is one.

In an area where you have to get a board's permission to change the color of your house... and they can and have denied that permission... Kevin Gorman has been instrumental in raming his Portland-centric view down the throats of Gorge residents... for a major paycheck, you understand, since Ronald Reagan unfortunately signed the moronic effort by RINO Dan Evan's and his midnight crew to slip this in at the last minuteover two decades ago.

And now, he wants to expand the influence of the FOG, the Kafkaesque name for the Friends of the Gorge, where Gorman has been Executive Director for life.

Gorman is incapable of understanding that he has no say over what the governor of this state says or does, particularly OUTSIDE this "rim" (Otherwise known as a "Border") of the Scenic Area scam.

He moronically believes that his reach should FAR exceed his grasp.... because HE believes that the presence of the Scenic Area should be more important than anything else... including the boundaries of the area he seems to believe he, and he alone, may arbitrate.

So, whenever anyone does anything he believes infringes on his self-assumed "right" to decide (In fact, he has no right to anything, save his First Amendment right) he babbles, and whines and complains.

His presentation here is so pathetic and nonsensical.  And his conclusion, "The Wind energy project near (the) Gorge should be denied" is even more so.  And while their may be OTHER reasons to stop this project, his bruised sensibilities are not one of them.

What the governor/government of this state does outside his utopian area is none of his business.  And if he doesn't like it, he can always quit... and move.

As usual, Gorman offers no alternatives, because few who whine and complain on matters of government care enough, or are aware enough to understand that ALTERNATIVES are what get you heard.

In this case, Gorman doesn't say; "...well, instead of that which I find so personally objectionable, you can do this (Same money and generating capabilities) instead."

But he doesn't.  Because he doesn't give a damn about us, our state, the project, or the Governor.  His blinders are cemented in place.

As a result, I am now a rabid fan of this project.  Perhaps it will wipe out the Spotted Owl population and remove that as a reason to cripple economic development and jobs altogether.

One can only hope.

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