Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More on Leavitt and the big problem for Stuart.

As the CRC cheerleaders scramble to do damage control against Tim Leavitt's arrogant, Maoist approach to governance, some problems have popped up.

Leavitt's "intentions" have been "public" from the beginning. The problem is that Leavitt's entire tenure as mayor started with a lie. What makes that a problem is that since he started with a lie, everything coming after that has been a lie. And, being real here, we know there is no lie he wouldn't tell, no effort he wouldn't ignore, no position he wouldn't twist to get this thing built; after all, his real employer wouldn't have it any other way, and what Leavitt wants trumps anything the mere people want.

Like a great many other dictators and tyrants, Leavitt sees himself as a man of vision.  That kind of arrogance is what drives him; that's he's better... and smarter... then the rest of us and like his hero Obama's (He did, after all, endorse Obama) utopian socialist society, Leavitt wants this massive rip off to stand as a testament to his "Aryan superiority."

Well, so did Hitler.  And yes, I am comparing the two, because their attitude's seem to be starkly similar on the question of public infrastructure... after all, when did the Nazi's ever ask their population if they wanted to pay for something?

Let's remember the Oregon State Supreme Court ruling that this entire thing is a scam, start to finish, to get light rail in here. And how much have CRC supporters lied about their reasoning for this rip off? That the bridge is "old," that it's "unsafe," that it WILL impact "freight mobility and congestion" and that it's "safer." Yet here, we have a state supreme court telling us that NONE of those things are anything but lies and back-fill to get the kool aid drinkers like Burkman and Leavitt to sign on to this theft and extortion... all neatly wrapped up now without even a minor vote, let alone a county wide vote... and that's because the Burkmans and the Leavitts know damned well the people of Clark County do not want this cancer on our local economy to be allowed to fester and grow... we don't want Leavitt and Burkman's crime train, we don't want the wasted billions with generational tolls blowing a hole in our local economy to continue to enrich the special interests who obviously own Leavitt and seem to own others... like Burkman.

Which brings us to Steve Stuart. Stuart, who also lied to get elected, or in this case, RE-elected, promising us a vote... for LAST November (Did you see one?)  He was lying, of course, because the one thing most CRC cheerleaders can and frequently do engage in is lying to get it built, (As a brief reminder, I pointed out repeatedly on this very blog that Leavitt was lying and Stuart as well... BEFORE they were elected) COULD have made the issue of a vote an either/or scenario, Leavitt's lies about not having any impact on this scam locally notwithstanding.

When Vancouver exercised their block veto, Stuart's reaction SHOULD have been to make it clear that any such action on Vancouver's part would kill the project, because while Vancouver's CTran ego-maniacs have a "block veto," so do the county commissioners.

Of course, both Leavitt and Stuart should have resigned in disgrace, but honor among thieves is an unknown commodity. Meanwhile, those in power, so corrupted as to be beyond belief in their Stalinesque arrogance, continue to ignore us, continue to rip us off, continue to bury us in billions of debt for a program that will accomplish absolutely nothing but to enrich their friends.

Al Capone and Bernie Madoff would be proud... and green with envy.

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