Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CCP View: Imagine that. Even the democratian's beginning to question… at least a little.(UPDATE: I apologize)

(UPDATE: I apologize for the Titanic comparison for the reasons laid out below)

At 12:50 this morning, I put up a post wondering aloud when the American people were going to become somewhat more vocal in the face of the multiple lies from the Obama administration, concerning not just Obama care but perhaps almost everything facing this country.

Given their protracted history of democrat support and democrat philosophies, I was somewhat surprised, to see a democratian editorial based somewhat on the same subject, some five hours or so later.

It’s rare for the newspaper to actually criticize the president or any other Democrat, given that they are so rabidly in support of most leftist policies.  (Including Obamacare as well).

And I was struck by their gift of “understatement”.  Referring to the pathological lies in the president concerning Obama care.  As a “credibility gap” has to pretty much qualify as the understatement of the year.

The title of their muted effort?  "Credibility Gap Grows."

Which is, of course, for those actually paying attention, not unlike the Captain wondering aloud why the deck on the Titanic was getting a little damp.

It does tend to explain a few things though, specifically as to why they seem incapable of treating Tim “the liar” Leave–it the same way they treat anybody else: dull-normal skills of observation must be behind it.

It is to our nation’s misfortune that the President of the United States Is a complete, pathological, liar.

For you Homeland Security/NSA Types, let me reiterate: the President of the United States complete, pathological, liar.

It’s bad enough that the man lies to get his bills and programs passed, or otherwise rammed down our collective throats.

But this man lied repeatedly.  Let me emphasize that: the man lied repeatedly; day in, day out, over a period of months, as he got the more gullible out there to actually believe in his statements that indicated that we could actually put 40,000,000+ more people on our insurance roles and not have to pay more money for the privilege… Or that if you like your program you can keep it… Or that the typical family would actually save $2500 per year premiums.

Well… Now we know better.  Actually, many paying attention have done all of this since the beginning.

Generally speaking, pigs do not fly.  And as great as Obama thinks he is, he has yet to solve that problem.

This program is been a catastrophe from the beginning; from the way that it was passed, to the idiocy of the former Speaker of the House stupidly standing there, telling us that we would “… have to pass the bill, to see what’s in it”… to the insanity of paying almost $650 million for a series of websites that are complete failures… And now wondering how many hundreds of millions were going to waste so that others can come along and fix it (what are the chances the contractor, who is apparently a close friend of the Klingon Princess, gets to be required to refund the money?)

Exclusive of the fact that a close examination between the tactics of the scumbag running the city of Vancouver and the scumbag running the United States (who, oddly enough, was endorsed by the scumbag running Vancouver) reveals a startling similarity and it’s hard to say which is which: is the CTran scam that Tim “the liar” Leave–it is running just following the pattern that our current leadership at the national level is providing?

And that’s the problem with the editorial, exclusive of their understatement of the situation.

They have no problem calling the president to task (finally) for one of his volumes of lies, particularly one which is going to damage this country for generations even more than he already has.  But when it comes to “The Liar’s” lack of integrity on either the issue of tolls or how he worked so hard to ram this horrific TriMET contract down our throats without public examination or comment… they remain silent.

I’m not exactly sure if I should be heartened by the fact that the democratian appears to have caught up to where most people with any functioning neurons actually arrived, say, 4 ½ years ago when it comes to the lies of Obama;  or frightened that they’re so far behind the curve compared to those of us actually paying attention.

I have to wonder: how much of this is a result of party hackery?  How much of this is a result of hatred of all things to the political right?

If it was Republican presidents lying like this I have to ask myself: “Gee, I wonder what they’d be saying about that?”

Still, I suppose that actually mentioning some small percentage of how we we’re re being shafted at both the federal and local levels by scum that really don’t care about the people as much as they care about their agendas, is better than no mention at all.  And given the amount of time the cancer of the CRC has been descending upon us, and the efforts that the democratian has taken to actually assist in their lies and deceit and their efforts to ram it down our throats… I suppose it’s just too much to ask for them outrage about how the federal government is screwing us as they do about the fender benders at the local level } concerning Madore or Benton, or anyone else that they hate that’s to the right of Mao… Tends to make it kind a comical.

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