Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I’ve got to wonder: when are the American people going to rise up and say, “We’ve had enough?”

My own personal philosophy is always that if you have to lie to get your project built, or your bill passed into law… Then it shouldn’t be built and your bill shouldn’t be passed in the law.

If Obama care is such a great innovation for the American people, exclusive of the fact that no poll has ever indicated that the American people support this rip off… then why did they have to lie to get it passed?

We see this more and more, at all levels of government.  Here locally.  For example, the CRC scam in the way it slid through the CTran board without public examination or questioning… without even acknowledgment that there was a contract with TriMet to be able to review.

And now, we come to find out, that the scum running this country knew as far back as 2010.  That Barack Obama was lying when he told us repeatedly that if we like our program, we can keep it.  If we like our doctor we can keep him or her.  And most importantly, presumably… It would save us $2500 per family per year.

Lies.  All lies. He repeated those lies over and over and over again... just like "The Liar" Leave-it.

And what about the other promises he’s made?

Has he yet found those responsible for Benghazi, or has he perhaps found it impossible to look in a mirror?

Having set the bar so low by becoming the worst president this country has ever known, having failed to solve our economic issues, having failed to solve our foreign-policy debacles, having failed to bring peace to the Middle East, (didn’t this guy get A Peace Prize like 60 seconds after he took office?)  Having been busted for spying on just about everybody capable of engaging in electronic communication; American, British, German, French, and damn near everybody else with the plug-in in their country, having violated the law on illegal aliens, having worked to bury us under more debt than all previous presidents combined, having now, according to the US debt clock assigned a tax liability of $1.1 million to each and every American taxpayer… Having used the IRS for his own personal political purposes, I admit to asking myself:

When is enough… Enough?

Here’s the thing: any sentient being who has even a basic awareness of reality knows that if George Bush were president of these United States, under these conditions, the left and the Democrats and their fellow travelers would be bitching like cut cats.

Remember the outrage when gasoline became three bucks a gallon on Bush’s watch?  Those same people seem strangely silent when it crossed over the four dollar level on Obama’s.  How about those people that supported Obama that now find themselves without a job?  How’s the coal industry looking these days?  How about that pipeline from Canada?  How about all those morons opposed to fracking?

The things that this man promised.  The pledges that he made.  The disappointment that he has become.

As our foreign-policy spirals out of control, as our domestic policy continues to crash at warp speed, as we’re lied to over and over and over again, as huge pieces of legislation are jammed through Congress before any critical analysis of a nonpartisan nature outside of The Partisan Congressional Budget Office can actually take place, our country is not better off now than it was five years ago.

Horrifically expensive regulations increase geometrically, those who’ve fallen out of the workforce altogether are at an all-time high; corruption, greed, graft… You name it.  This the least transparent administration in history (you remember his pledge to be the “most transparent administration in American history,” don’t you?) when does this guy get held accountable for his actions?

I fully understand that his approval ratings are now amongst the lowest in history for a president.  But he doesn’t seem to care.  Those working for him don’t seem to care.  They break the law like it’s a series of suggestions, and not what they are sworn to obey.

Frankly I’m getting sick of.

Imagine how much better off our country would be if this disgrace to the Oval Office had actually kept his promises?

Imagine where we'd be… If he actually cared about us.  You know, instead of faking it?  Lie after lie after lie after lie.  Nobody on his side of the aisle seems to care, and whenever anybody on my side of the aisle brings these issues up, they’re frightened off by allegations that we are racists, or tea partiers, or scum of the earth.

It’s the same kind of crap that’s gone on downtown with these character attacks against David Madore.  Everybody’s concerned about David Madore’s character… Why aren’t any of those same people concerned about Tim “the liar” Leave–it’s?  Why is the issue of integrity only a one-sided blade instead of the two-sided blade?  Why do those on the left get a pass?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the president, a Mayor who repeatedly and obviously lied to get elected, or a state representative whose assaulted women and had been a stone-alcoholic while he was at work… They all get a pass.

It’s like that attitude is filtered down to the local level.  The scum shilling the CRC will lie about anything.  By policy, they have ignored the public that they’re supposed to serve.

We have an utterly clueless  cardboard cutout of a Congresswoman in Washington DC… Who has done absolutely nothing to fix the CRC scam...  Well, except to send out a couple of letters and a few press releases to make the ignorant think she’s done something.

When is enough, enough?

When will the allegedly loyal opposition…actually do something to oppose this idiot?  What happened to our ability to fight tyranny?  What happened to those great tenets of our society and our history and our strength and our courage that made this country that shining city on the hill?

Where did they all go?  And what will it take… To get them all back?

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