Thursday, October 31, 2013

It appears Bob Dingethal is running against Jamie.

Well, I’ve been hearing about this for quite some time now… Actually months.

The problem Bob is going to have, is that he’s your standard issue leftist in what amounts to a right-leaning district.  The fact that the democrats generally, and that moron in the White House particularly, are getting clobbered over Obamacare… which is not going to be able to successfully defend… makes it even more of an unlikely prospect that he has any chance to win… Even against an idiot like Herrera.

Below is a shot of the Facebook page where one of his friends actually makes the announcement, which is remained up for quite some time now… Inferring that it is in fact true.

Well, good luck with that… But don’t measure the drapes anytime real soon.

At some point, hopefully, a genuine Republican will run against this clown.  If one does, she’s gone, more than likely.

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