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CCP Talk: A larger issue in Lefty Lou Brancaccio's psychotic jihad against David Madore.

Hatred is a strong force.  And typically, it's a force for evil.

Few in my life's experience show it as consistently as Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Brancaccio's increasing level of month’s long word-violence against Clark County Commissioner David Madore shows to a blind man that he is coming across like an increasingly sick individual… Journalistic Stalking comes to mind.

It appears to be a higher-level effort of bullying and lies that closely emulates the variety seen on social media in some schools; designed to make the unpopular kid's life a living hell, with the hoped-for outcome that they will commit suicide... or secondary to that, in this case, political destruction.

Since Lefty Lou’s biggest fan is Lefty Lou, I have been concerned that his self-aggrandizement would result in injury to his own shoulders as he pats himself on the back with almost the same frequency that he attacks David Madore.  The babble of this column is no exception, as he’s using it for a platform to trash both Bill Turley and David Madore in an effort to have it impact the mayor’s race for his butt-buddy Tim “The Liar” Leave-it.

It’s unfortunate that Brancaccio felt it necessary to lie to Steve Dunn of KATU while doing his anti-Madore infomercial.  The specific line:
“Madore and Leavitt are archenemies. One is Superman. the[sic] other is Alexander Joseph ‘Lex’ Luthor. You decide which is which.”
It’s not that Madore and Leavitt are archenemies: it’s that Brancaccio also failed to admit that he’s also an archenemy to Madore.  Had he told Steve Dunn this, it would put a different tint on his babble on that show… And would have been much more accurate.

Using his newspaper platform as an extension of the CRC/Leave–it campaign has been one of the many despicable things that Lefty Lou has done over the years.  His cute use of words in no way masks his own personal hatred of Madore, his own personal hatred of anyone opposed to his agenda, and his own psychotic view that if you oppose him, then he has to attack you

As an adjunct to Leave-its campaign, Lefty Lou has never shown any particular concern over the fact that “The Liar” got elected by lying about his positions on a variety of issues, most notably his fake positions as delineated in my blog repeatedly before the last election, on the issue of tolls.

The Brancaccio’s attempt to reinforce Leavitt’s effort to tie Turley to Madore, instead of addressing the issues… well that does tend to speak for itself…

Then there’s this idiocy:
“We don’t need a council that thinks alike on all the issues.”
This is yet another lie, in his quiver of lies, that he’ll pull out and shoot whenever the heat begins to be felt.  Because here’s the thing:

Every single candidate that this despicable rag of a newspaper has endorsed is exactly in line with the other city Councilmen and women, the mayor, and this cancerous wart of a newspaper’s editorial board.  So, on one hand, lefty Lou claims “we don’t need a counselor thinks alike on all the issues,” but on the other hand, they’re not supporting anybody that thinks or believes anything different.

So it’s not just that he lies, it’s that he does it so badly.

So what does that mean?  Does this mean that Brancaccio is unaware of the fact that the three candidates for city Council and the candidate for Mayor endorsed by this despicable rag are like Tweedledee and Tweedledumber on these particular issues?  That none of them, if elected, would oppose the CRC scam?  And likely that none of them would oppose any part of the democratian’s agenda?  Is he really unaware of that?

Of course he isn’t.

Where was Brancaccio’s concern for this particular issue of group-think back when three democrats controled the County commission?

No where.

This moron works with words every day, as I do.  Words have meaning.  This guy’s being too cute by half in an effort to continue to present the campaign meme of tying Turley to Madore, on the premise that Madore is somehow radioactive.

It’s been said by many that we have the government we deserve, in fact, I’ve may have said it myself.  And as far as it goes, that’s absolutely right.

Except for one thing: that whatever the government Vancouver deserves, unfortunately, has a throw weight far beyond that which they should have.  And ultimately the decisions that morons like Larry Smith, Bart Hansen, and Tim “The Liar” Leave–it make negatively impact the rest of the Southwest Washington on a region wide basis.

I wish that wasn’t so.  I would I wish I could just turn a blind eye to all of this and say, “I really don’t give a damn who these people elect for Mayor, because whoever that is, it is the one they deserve.”

But the scum that the democratian works so hard to put in the office… Leftists all… These maggots of the CRC Scam and the rest of the democratian’s agenda… They’re not the government the rest of Southwest Washington deserves.  They’re just a government that we have no say over.  A government that would enslave us to ever-increasing tolls for at least the next four decades.  A government that would continue to make this area Portland’s butt- boy, requiring us to wear out kneepads to a community that uses the tax dollars that we provide,  while ignoring the services those dollars should be accomplishing for the people of Clark County.

It’s the kind of Mussolini-like arrogance that almost cost Brancaccio his job once before… And shamefully somehow did not, when it certainly should have.

I have to wonder: does he actually read this crap before he sends it out to be published?  Because if he did read it and understand it, he would see the falsity in his own words.  Not that that would matter to him.

Make no mistake: Lefty Lou Brancaccio lied to Steve Dunn.  The idea that he doesn’t want all of the city Council to think and act exactly the same way if that way is in line with his agenda is a psychotic lie of the highest order… And it’s a lie that if successful, will negatively impact this community for decades to come.

Frequently, I’ve used that old saw: “when the law is on your side.  When the evidence is on your side, use the evidence.  When you have neither, attacked the other side’s lawyer.”

In this instance, by failing to stick to and address only the issues; by limiting his proctological exam to Turley alone, by only placing Turley under his microscope, by only discussing Madore’s involvement as if he was the only special interest in this election without looking at the special interests that own Tim Leave-it like the 13th Amendment never existed…

… Brancaccio shows his true colors.  And they are as disgusting and as hypocritical as ever.

And finally, this lie:
“If Leavitt wins, it will signal that we’re growing tired of where Madore is leading this county.”
I have to wonder: whose this “we’re,” that Brancaccio’s babbling about?

As much as Brancaccio would like us to think that this is about Madore, it isn’t.  And Leavitt’s reelection, should we be unfortunate enough to have that happen, would in no way reflect the cross-section of the majority of this County, any more than his bogus, unscientific poll.

The fact is that Madore was not elected by Vancouver.  He was elected by the people of Clark County… And as much as Brancaccio wishes that what he thought, and what the people of Vancouver think, is far more important than what the rest of this County thinks when it comes to our political leadership… It isn’t

Brancaccio’s concerted, months-long effort to demonize David Madore notwithstanding, the “we” begins and ends with the leftist leaning people of Vancouver, the same people who routinely reelect slimeballs like Jim “Molehill” Moeller.

Correspondingly, I can counter Brancaccio’s nonsensical observation with the following:

If, as I expect, loot rail loses overwhelmingly in the upcoming advisory vote?
It will signal that we’re growing tired of Brancaccio and Leavitt’s interference with government of this County.  It is, after all, the people of Clark County who elected this man.…  And not just the people of Vancouver.
And no amount of spin from Lefty Lou or “The Liar” Leave-it is going to change that.

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