Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Springfield Armory recall screw ups: UPDATE: where the hell is my XDs? MORE lies.

Frustration doesn't begin to cover the ineptitude and incompetence of these morons.

They received my XDs .45, brand new and unfired, on Sept 4.

The idiocy of their customer service is in a post here: (Now accessed by around 14,000)

Meanwhile, we're told that the weapons will be repaired and returned, allegedly in the order recieved... but that is likely not true:
Christopher Lodge said... My pistol was delivered on Sept 3rd but wasn't logged in until the 6th. They said that there was no possible way for them to tell me where I am at in the queue to be repaired. I was told this repeatedly which means that they cannot possibly repair the pistols in the order in which they received. They have the RMA numbers and delivery date and fedex history. They absolutely could put them in order and tell everyone what "number" they are in line, and could tell us what numbers have been repaired and shipped back. The fact of the matter is that they are either too ignorant to run a business or they do not care OR they are hiding something. Pick one. Either way it isn't positive for them. My guess is that they scanned the boxes and stacked them in a pile and are randomly taking a box and doing the repair. So first in is in the back of the pile. IF they started at all. Giving someone a number of which they were received is not complex... the unwillingness to do so tells me they are stalling and still trying to figure out a fix. Until someone says "I got mine back" I don't believe it for a minute!!!
From the SpringfieldRecall website:
In our last update, we announced that upgraded pistols would start being shipped back to their owners on Friday, October 18th. Our process of upgrading pistols - in the order that they were received - started as planned and we are very pleased with the positive feedback we are getting from customers regarding the upgrades.
Looks like SA seems to be... well.... fibbing.

Why am I not surprised?

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