Thursday, September 05, 2013

How Springfield Armory is screwing up their XDs recall. (Update #5 Nov 3)

The XDs was returned.  Looked OK... but I had it sold before I got it back.

How I resolved my XDs Springfield Arms problem: Sold it and bought a Taurus 24/7 GC Compact .45

Readers know how disappointed I was with the absolutely screwed-up recall that Springfield Arms just ran on the XDs .45 compact.

Here's how I resolved the situation:

Taurus PT24/7 G2C DA/SA DS .45
I picked this up today moments after I dumped my unfired Springfield Arms XDs .45, for exactly one dollar more than I paid for it.

The Taurus's advantages:

11 and 13 round magazines came with it (XDs came with 2X6 round mags) $444 new at Brightwater ($599 for the XDs @ Cabela in Lacey.)

Anyway, my long, tortuous time waiting to get my .45 back from SA ended: I took the money from that and picked up this, instead... which oddly has the precise same footprint, size-wise as a Walther PK380. I mean, exactly.  The Taurus is a little wider over all, and a little heavier, but that's to be expected.

They went their way... and I went mine.

(Oct 28) A few minutes ago, I received an email from Springfield Armory indicating that after having picked up my .45 XDs from FedEx on September 3, that it's supposed to be delivered here on 30 October.

I'm already making arrangements to get rid of it.  I'm going Glock, most likely.

This could have been handled much better in so many ways...

The extra 7 round mag is a nice touch... but frankly, it should have been part of the package when I bought it.

So, Springfield Arms is starting to feel it.

They finally have come clean on their FAQ:

Why it's taking so long:

We pledge to you that we are working as fast as we can, and have greatly increased our staff and number of shifts to ensure that we are leveraging every hour in the day.

We understand that our decision to announce a voluntary safety recall without a final solution in place has caused confusion and frustration. We sincerely apologize for that inconvenience. However, your safety is, and always has been, our paramount concern. And that is why we decided to issue the voluntary safety recall before we had a guaranteed upgrade solution in place.


Here's the thing: they could have issued  a warning to not fire the weapon and then begin the recall AFTER they had set up the system to fix it: (i.e. manufacture the right parts in big enough numbers, distributed to parts to gun sellers who could handle the repair, paid them to do it; enabled us to bring our guns in for a "while you wait" or at least an overhight repair, and then thrown in a 7 round magazine to apologize with.)

That way, many of us who bought this thing for personal protection would actually HAVE it for personal protection, instead of allowing it to gather dust in an SA warehouse.

This has nothing to do with OUR safety: instead, it has to do with THEIR perceived liability.
Our decision not to wait was based on putting you, our customer, first. Some companies build in several weeks of lead time before announcing their recalls. But, we didn't feel that was the most responsible approach in this case since our priority is your safety.
Since even THEY call this a "voluntary recall," this has squat to do with OUR safety.  OUR safety demands that we have personal protection weapons.  Right now, and apparently, for the indefinite future we are not GOING to have our personal protection weapons available to us.
Please know that we are committed to resolving this matter as quickly as possible and we are committed to ensuring that you will be very pleased with your upgraded 3.3 XD-S™. As a reminder, do not use your 3.3 XD-S™ until the upgrade has been performed.
*I* won't be "pleased" with it, ever, because I am going to get rid of this garbage as soon as possible, and get a gun where the company doesn't screw up, and then screw you by lying and misleading about the recall in the first place.

They should offer a full refund to everyone who can prove they bought it.  That's what I want, and that's what I and the thousands of others who find their XDs's held hostage by incompetence while we wait... and wait... and wait... for some nebulous, to be determined date to get this garbage back.

So, here's the thing, Springfield Arms: if I ever find myself in a situation where I NEED a gun but don't HAVE a gun because it's sitting on one of YOUR shelves, I'll just tell the bad guys to wait until you people get off the dime and ship my unfired, brand new .45 back before they shoot me.


I will never, ever, by a Springfield Arms product again.  Ever.  There is no excuse for this.  None.


Initial Post - 5 Sep

Springfield Armory makes a few models of pistols that I like.  As a result, I decided to get a smaller .45 (That Colt Government is getting heavy...) so early last month or so I picked up a XDs .45 3.3... a nice weapon, but not exactly what I was looking for, as it turned out, but nice, none-the-less.) So, I swung by the Cabela's in Olympia, where I got hosed on the price (My bad, not theirs... no one made me buy it, but discovering it was 84$ cheaper in Portland at NW Armory didn't give me a thrill.)


So, imagine my dismay when, even before I could fire it, they recalled it over the grip safety and a single pull/double-fire issue.

That's OK, I guess.  Even Bentleys have been recalled, I thought.

They did a really good job of setting up the FedEx return, although, because it's a firearm, you have to take it to a FedEx store and not a drop off box.  I'm not sure why... the guy never asked me what was in the package.

Anyway, FedEx did what they do, and the weapon was received in Moline, IL on Tuesday this week.

But then, the thought occurred to me that nowhere had they posted what the turn-around time was going to be.

So, I thought I'd call them to find out.  And that's where it got stupid.

Their phone system is wholly inadequate for the call volume, so I kept getting a "circuits are busy" intercept.

I called back repeatedly, and on my 8th attempt, got through.

The first option they offered was to hit "7" for information relevant to the XDs recall.

As you might expect, there was a wait.  A LONG wait, with annoying elevator music and a witch doing a voice-over every 30 seconds to tell us we could wait or hit 1 to leave a message.

When I finally got to a human, I asked him: so what's the turnaround time on this?

He didn't know.  Somewhere towards the end of September was all he had.

And that, folks, is no way to run an airline.

It wasn't this guy's fault: he can only say what he was told to say.

But after dropping almost 6 bills on a pistol that I haven't even been able to fire, and then to be told they don't know when they can return it?



So, I did what I always do when the service or information is inadequate.

I asked to talk to his boss.

"She's gone for the rest of the day," I was told.

What the hell is up with that?

I told him "Look, I appreciate that none of this is your fault, and I'm even willing to eat the fact that my unfired weapon has been recalled.  But between the absurd phone system and your complete lack of useful information, what on earth makes you think that I'd ever even consider buying another weapon from your company?"

Well, he said, this is the first time we've had a recall.

I responded: "And?  I'm talking about some common sense here.  I used to be an armorer in the Army: I know how long it takes to pull a grip apart and replace the parts.  We're not talking about a missile warhead here."

He offered to take down my name and number and have her call me tomorrow,.  I provided it, and I look forward to it.

But the customer service better get better and fast, or I will never darken SA's doorway again.

Glock is right down the street.


cityrice said...

Yeah it sucks, I bought my new XDS9 from sportsman warehouse SAT 8/24/13 was able to put 2 boxes through it the very next day! had a blast doing it too! Was very excited about my new CCW. Then found out about the recall on the 28th like everyone else. Had it boxed up and shipped Friday 8/30/13. I hope it comes back soon, I am glad I was lucky enough to put some rounds through mine, I also feel lucky that nothing unexpected happen.

jrstokes87 said...

If that was really the assistance you received during that phone call then I would never buy a gun from Springfield Armory again either. Telling someone they have no idea when their return is going to be fulfilled is ridiculous, then giving an estimate over 3 weeks away, damn. Until the end of September would be crazy and if that does happen I WILL never buy from Springfield Armory again. My Smith & Wesson looks better, was cheaper and has the same quality as the XDs. I considered calling their support number myself so I will let you know how it turns out when I do.

brian faulk said...

I guess the bigger issue is why did Cabelas sell you a defective gun. If the recall was already out why didn't Cabelas pull all the XDS's from the case. In my store if there is a known product issue we pull them all from the shelf until it is resolved with the supplier.

So bad on Cabelas for selling a product that should have been returned to Springfield before leaving the store, or for not letting you know about the recall before purchase.

Steve Brady said...

Springfield Armory needs to realize a little information goes a long way. If they would just post on their website that the recall "upgrade" will take 30 days from the day they receive the gun it would address most people's concerns.

I exchanged emails with SA's support and that's the estimate they gave me. They also said that they will "upgrade" the guns in the order they receive them. If they wanted to take it to the next level they could provide updates as to what RMA numbers they completed. I assume the RMA numbers are sequential.

The lack of information is what frustrated me - even more than buying and shipping the gun back all on the same day without having fired it!

XDS-Owner said...

I agree, Springfield Armory (SA) is handling this recall very poorly. The recall is what it is - but they really need to know that they're hurting their reputation more by not supplying information. If they were proactive in letting people know what the status of the recall is and what the anticipated turn around time they would calm most concerns. As it is now, it has been very hard to get estimates. I exchanged emails with SA and was told it's approximately a 30 day turn-around from the time they receive the gun. I don't like it but at least my expectation has been set at a month. If they would just post that fact on their website it would be an easy way to set expectations and generate positive PR. If they wanted to take the next step they would post the RMA number that they've completed, I assume those numbers are generated in sequence and a user could see where their gun was in the queue to be fixed said...

OK, I'm hearing lots of neg talk on SA's handling of their recall. So, lets switch roles for a second and put yourselves in SA's shoes and now you tell me, how would you handle approximately 100,000+ weapons on your loading dock within a two week period AND still had the responsibility to continue production on the rest of your offerings that the public ALSO expects to see on the shelves? I mean really, come up with a better plan, submit it and I'm sure they will adopt it if it's anywhere close to being more feasible than what they're doing now.

Just a guy said...

Happy to oblige.

1. First, I'd have made sure my phone system could handle the demands of thousands of callers simultaneously.

They knew, or should have known, they were going to get buried.

Rent or lease additional lines; temp hire more people. Do whatever it takes.

2. Nationwide, immediate advertising: TV, print, radio. Explain the recall and the reasons for it.

I got the word off a facebook page from a local gun group I follow.

3. In the ad, I'd explain the recall, how much time it's expected to take, and here's the web page I set up to address the issue, which would answer every conceivable question that could be asked.

Yes, I know that such a page exists NOW, but I would have had that up as a part of an ad campaign.

4. I'd provide gift certificates for, say, a 7 round magazine to each XDs owner in the recall.

5. I'd go into overdrive to have the defective parts manufactured and delivered to multiple locations where I would have hired several hundred Army/Marine veterans to disassemble, replace the defective parts, and reassemble each recalled weapon, making sure it passed all the necessary QC checks.

They didn't do EVERYTHING wrong: as I said, they did fine with the FedEx thing except for the non-existent requirement that the weapon be brought into a FedEx office.

But what I WOULDN'T do is what they made me, and tens of thousands of others do.

Now, having given all of this 3 minutes or so of thought, I might have overlooked a few things.

And as for SA adopting my plan, that wouldn't do anything to address what HAS happened, instead, only addressing what might happen in the future.

Since you asked.

ShouldHaveGoneGlock said...

OK, in reply to comment. I wouldn't believe for one second that they had 100,000 plus guns to show up on their dock in one day. In fact, if they have 100,000 weapons to be repaired even now, that would be bad planning on their part. (As the saying goes in the Army, 'Poor Planning Produces Poor Results')

ja mu said...

Like probably most of you, This is my only ccw gun. So, I left them a note in the box, letting them know they are leaving me naked and they better ship it back with a free extended mag. We'll see. You can go to the recall site( click "Get Started". This is where you signed up for your return label. Put in your serial # and click next. It might say something like " a call tag has been created". Which basically means your still in line. Mine finally says "Your Recall Status: Your Gun has been Received". I hear when it says this it should be shipped back in a week. Hope this helps

jrstokes87 said...

In response to

As stated by the other user, I highly doubt they are getting a 100,000+ guns on their dock in just the span of a few weeks. Most likely, it's not going to be a small order repairing all of these firearms but the fact of the matter is, if you can produce that many guns that quickly, surely you have the infrastructure and staff to make a simple "upgrade" to the firearm quickly and efficiently.

Ruger is amazing with their customer service and I have never had trouble getting a firearm returned to me within a couple weeks MAX. Plus with new stuff put on it for FREE! New trigger, new grips and a complimentary magazine for one gun I sent in to them! Sure, they were not doing it as part of a recall but ANY gun company needs to be prepared for defects because that's just the nature of manufacturing. As soon as they realized their mistake the company should have been putting any unused infrastructure to use and hiring more people to deal with the problem. Any company should have a contingency plan in place in case a product has problems or requires a recall, especially with things like firearms, motor vehicles and other consumer goods that require SAFETY in their operation. Maybe Springfield should help some of the people out there looking for a job and make some temporary positions available to help expedite the recall process and give some poor man or woman a job for 6 months while the recall is still taking place.

It is 100% the issuing company's fault for:

- Poor response times.

- Crappy customer service when requesting additional information.

- Not being able to provide a tracking system for the customer for their returned/defective product.

I have returned many items in my day and dealt with many manufacturers both with firearms and other items. Some companies provide great customer service and make up for any mistakes with their products and some companies can't provide either. If you find your experience with Springfield is lacking in quality, just move on to another company for your needs and file a case with the BBB so other people know what to expect when purchasing their products.

Subsven said...

I can understand your frustration, but only to a point. I actually called them them yesterday and waited a good 15 minutes to through to somebody, but they told me immediately when they received my firearm and told me the current turnaround was 30 days and to expect delivery the first week of October. While I wasn't too enthused about the 30 day turnaround, I was satisfied with the response.

I understand in your case it was more difficult to get any real information, but I think the thing you quoted from the representative you spoke with was remarkable. If in fact it is true that Springfield has never had a recall, not only is that a testament to the quality of these firearms but it also says a lot about how they are handling this issue.

While it might make practical sense to always be prepared for a recall type situation, just like with any new business venture there will always be growing pains. Springfield doesn't have any experience in this type of situation and is reacting in the best way they can. Could they have been more prepared? Absolutely, but the same thing can be said about almost any organization facing a new or uncommon issue on such a massive scale.

The true test of whether or not Springfield will ever be deserving of any future business is really how they complete the recall, at least in my opinion. Owning up to your mistakes carries a lot more weight with me than actually making them might take away. If Springfield completes the repair, does it well and gets me my firearm back in a reasonable amount of time I will just fine. If they admit they might have dropped the ball a bit and decides to throw in some goodies with my return package then I will be even better.

dbrow16 said...

They received my pistol 8/29.
Status is "received".

Mark Carroll said...

New Information
I just got off the phone with a supervisor in customer service and she finally after much prodding gave me the low down. Springfield does not have the fix for the issue yet. The 30 day period that they are telling you will not be correct. All of the guns are being held until their final testing is done and they have the final fix for the problem. With the guns being produced in Croatia, the testing and final parts production for the fix are being done there. I guess I will only buy guns made in the good old US from now on. Be prepared to do without your gun for a long period of time. The supervisor told me that they honestly do not know when the repairs will be made or when the final testing will be done to give the OK to even start producing the parts to fix the guns. The Sig recall on my P238 was done and back to me in less than a week with a free magazine. That is customer service. I will get rid of this gun when I get it back and will NEVER buy another Springfield product.

OKC Shooter said...

Just got off the phone after being called back about a message I left for Springfield yesterday. They are moving their estimate to 8-10 weeks. They still do not have the fix and my RMA was one if the first they received. They sounded very unconcerned that this new firearm that I had for less than 2 weeks, and is my sole defense weapon, would not be returned soon.
I liked the gun for the time that I had it. However, I will most likely sell once it is returned, and will not be buying another, unless something seriously is addressed with their service and communication. This could very well cripple or kill their company.
Okc Shooter

Buziceman said...

I also bought the XDS .45 and had it less than 2 months. I was able to fire about 40 rounds through it. I learned of the recall and packaged it as requested and sent it through fed ex with no problem. I was told like everyone else that it was first come first served and would be a 30 day turn around. As they had it almost a month already I called them back to try and get a date of its arrival and now I'm told it will be 10 to 12 weeks. As being near the front of the list I question why am I to wait because of the overwhelming response on their part. I was told they are in the testing phase. This to me is totally unacceptable and would like a refund

jrstokes87 said...

I still have not received any kind of communication on when my firearm is going to be returned to me. It's been well over 30 days and still nothing. This recall is starting to worry me. I swear that if Springfield Armory does not contact me soon or does not at least let me know the guns is in the pipeline, I am never going to purchase from them again. Be prepared to wait a long time people. It's really not looking good for Springfield at this point. There's going to be a lot of pissed off people if they make us wait over 6 weeks or more to get the gun back.

Steve Brady said...

If you go to SA's website and click on recall they have an update. Sad but true they missed the estimate and it's going to be a lot longer. They have promised to update the recall every Friday.

Just a guy said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Steve. Much obliged.

Hinton, CCP.

Done with SA! said...

Ok so I called SA last week about my XDs and they told me it's now a 30 day turn around time(nice right! NOT!!!!).
I just got the phone with them this morning becaus I wanted a update on my XD-s,well not only is my gun still sitting on the shelf but now I'm told "there is not a 30 day turn around time anymore. We made a mistake, sorry sir.we just don't know at this time" WHAT!!!!!!! I'm so done with springfield, I want a refund!

jenglish38 said...

I called Springfield today, to get an update on my XDS 45. I talked to Dawn a customer service rep. She had bad customer skill. She said, they do not have a final fix in place. They can not tell me where my gun is in the process. This is a serialized firearm. They log it in at Springfield and they log it out at Springfield. There is nothing logged as they modify your firearm. This company does not track there process. No wonder there is a safety recall.

Mijan said...

I have talked to the lawyer for springfield, I want my money back in double, for the lack of not having my protection that I purchased, it time all the owners of these boat anchors that they are trying to find a fix for, to all unite and place a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!!

LD said...

SA is doing a poor job on communications and a worse job on the repair. I also bought for personal protection and do not have it for an unknown amount of time. Time to look for a replacement...not a Springfield

none said...

Springfield updated their website today. The only change they made is that customers can't get a refund for their poor service.

You're screwing up, Springfield. I see a Glock 36 in my near future after I get rid of my XDS.

none said...

Should I urge people to contact the BBB about Springfield's botched recall? Should I contact a class action lawyer based on the potential pool of participants against Springfield?

Anonymous said...

Greetings my fellow frustrated Americans!

I am also left bewildered to the complete lack of operation channels for this recall. I will not disclose my business, but I have dealt with recalled products in the +100,000 unit realm. This is irresponsible and extremely poor business practice.

I have made purchases outside of Glock a few times, and every time I have been disappointed. I will be selling my XDS ASAP. That is if I can convince someone to buy the damn thing. Anyone who keeps their returned firearm is a fool. I believed the hype once... I will not be trusting my life with this poor engineering and horrific business practice.

Furthermore, I would not be surprised if this ends up as a case study for business schools. "How To Not Handle A Product Recall," by Springfield Armory


Greg Eck said...

Owners are starting to band together. Come join the movement.

none said...

Thanks for the FB page, Greg.

Have you looked into a class action lawyer yet? Given the pool of serial numers, this could be a significant class action lawsuit.

none said...

Fuck you, Springfield.

Here's their CEO's e-mail addresses:

Anonymous said...


I am writing you today as a confused and angered customer. I am sure you have been receiving numerous emails by now. Both rational and irrational responses to your XDS recall. It is not my intent to waste your time, but this relationship and recall has grown to be very concerning. I would not have sent MY property to Springfield- Armory, if I knew that you had no true resolution to the problem and wouldn't return MY property to me, nor in an actual time frame. It is my opinion that Springfield-Armory needs to get a PR representative working hard to salvage the customer perception and confidence in the company.

I am requiring my XDS firearm to be back in my possession within the initial 4 to 6 week time frame, fixed or not fixed. If this is not possible I am requiring a full refund on my XDS pistol. Failure to comply with either will result in my discussions with legal council.

I hope that much of the confusion will be cleared up with a company statement that separates the facts from the rumors. As of now, your customers can only go by what your employees have told us over the phone. The message we have received is that we bought a lemon, and now you are holding them hostage. I have recently been through a +100,000 unit recall, and the end user never skipped a beat. This was because we had clear channels of operation to handle the recalled units, and replaced them with new inspected units. That's good business that builds long lasting loyalty. Unless we have all been mislead by your employees, this is completely unacceptable and unprofessional.

I hope the up coming week is productive for you and we all have the truth laid out.

Mijan said...

Bruce Duffield Attorney for Springfield

Office 312-602-5087

Cell 312-371-7068

I have spoke to him directly after Springfield HAD HIM CONTACT ME after calling them several times (I'm thinking they were trying to intimidate me lol)
Didn't work!!
All he does is read the same script that the phone operators at Springfield does.. I see legal action in the hear future!! I JUST WANT A REFUND....

grsthegreat100 said...

You guys are idiots.

Give them some time to fix it. They HAD to list the recall as soon as they found the problem, or have been liable for any damages caused by their NOT issuing a recall. Every manufacturer get a recall sooner or later. Remember Toyotas for the brakes. Just relax and wait a month or so. Like any of you dont have other guns.

I sent mine in and not too all fired worried.
As for class action lawsuits. Have any of you ever been a member of one in real life. I have. Let me tell you ... IF you win, youll get around $10.00 and the lawyer will get $500.00 for each participant in the lawsuit. Only the lawyers will get rich.

Also, do you think Toyota will ever refund someones $$$ over a recall. NOPE

Just a guy said...

I appreciate your efforts here… but you offer nothing that addresses the problems.

No, they did NOT have to issue a recall without having a fix ready to go or a mechanism where the repairs could have been made locally in a while you wait scenario.

They COULD have notified each buyer of the problem, advised against firing the weapon, put the fix together, distributed the fix to retail centers selling the XDs, and enabled me to walk into the store where I bought it while they took the 5 minutes or less to replace the parts.


This is a VOLUNTARY recall: that means you could own one of these things and use it WITHOUT it going through the recall.

After all, it’s not like it blows up if you pull the trigger.

As for Class Action lawsuits, I wouldn’t care if we got a dime back. I want to HURT those people for their incompetence and stupidity. Further, a Class Action lawsuit wouldn’t keep me from getting my gun back, now would it?

And when it comes to a Toyota recall… please step away from the bong before you post.

If Toyota engages in a voluntary recall, you can bet that they know what the problem is, have the parts to fix it and you won’t have to drop off your car at the dealer for an indefinite period of months while you walk, carless, as a condition of getting your Toyota fixed.

Thanks for stopping by, I think.

Meanwhile, babble does not help the situation: feel free to go out and buy thousands of their products if you like; but these people have brilliantly managed to alienate tens of thousands of former supporters by their incompetent mishandling of this situation... And I will never buy another SA product again.

Eric cohen said...

I sent my XDS in 8 weeks ago with 4 false promises of return now I dont care if i is fixed I want my money back or gun Today so I can go get a reliable pistal with a customer service oriented company, horrible service caught in multiple lies who knows what is true.BUYER BEWARE

Eric cohen said...

My laywer just sent them a letter after 6 weeks still no gun pursuing this matter either as a Writ of Replevin or a cause of action under Title 8 of Alabama Code, along with attorney fees and damages requested.

If enough of us send a letter we may get somewhere

Steve Brady said...

Well it looks like guns are being upgraded and returned - at least according to Springfield's update yesterday. They have also stated that we are getting an extended mag when the gun is returned. Now it just seems to be a waiting game as Springfield works their way through thousands of guns. No estimate on return times.

Eric cohen said...

The biggest issue has been the customer service or lack of on the phone. Not knowing when or how long is ridiculous. First promising 2 week turn around then apologizing and asking for another 2 weeks.Then being allusive. I asked for the gun back unfixed and they denied me my pistol.I just want to trade it for a different brand at this point. I just retained a lawyer to file with the state. Im going on 6 weeks. Springfields laywer isChristopher Renzulli, Esq.
Renzulli Law Firm, LLP
81 Main Street, Suite 508
White Plains, New York 10601
Tel: 914-285-0700/Fax: 914-285-1213 consider pursuing this matter either as a Writ of Replevin or a cause of action under Title 8 of Alabama Code, along with attorney fees and damages requested. If enough of us file this should end the screw job of lies and mis directions and lack of service

Joe said...

What bothers me is I can't even see where my pistol is in the Que using my RMA number.

It's pretty much a useless tracking system for me. I know my package was accepted and signed in IL, but I don't know if my RMA is now tied to my account/address.

The process is kind of jacked. I would like to know an estimated time I am going to see my weapon back, and also where I am in Que how many units are getting processed a day...This could be a year before I get to mine. I shipped mine 10/13...

jrstokes87 said...

You can tell Springfield has been heavily affected by the response from people who purchased the 3.3 XDs handgun. Not only do they directly state on the updates that they understand why people are angry but they also state that they are going to be shipping the guns back with an extended magazine. I guess that's worth not having a carry gun for over two months? Maybe even three by the time this is all said and done. I do feel sorry for people who purchased this model of firearm as their first gun or their first carry gun anyways because that means you will either have to purchase a secondary firearm to fill that gap until the XDs can be returned or you simply go without having a personal defense firearm. I was fortunate enough to have another firearm but I feel your pain if you do not. Also, this was my first purchase from Springfield as I'm sure it has been for many other folks as well. While this is disastrous for Springfield in the short term I feel this is not going to cause them to go out of business. Most people are understanding enough but it does feel like people's patience is starting to run out. Especially those who do not have another firearm to replace the XDs while it is being "upgraded". I think the action by Springfield that really made their statements feel disingenuous was the fact they did not even have a plan in place when they started making the recall but still chose to start getting people to send their guns back in. They feared getting sued so they just wanted to get the guns back as soon as possible then come up with a plan to deal with it while the guns were being sent it. This is obviously a result of the mentality a lot of companies have nowadays. They panic because they think they will be sued and lose everything then end up making the situation far worse than it had to be. All Springfield had to do was put out an official statement letting everyone know NOT to use the gun until they could come up with a plan and then start having people send in their guns when they had the solution, people and equipment in place to make the upgrades quickly and get people's guns back to them within a couple weeks along with a complimentary extended magazine. Instead they chose to do the opposite, recall the guns then hope they could up with a plan quickly enough to not have people turn away from the Springfield brand name. Complete fail Springfield, complete fail. Did they really think that every single person who bought the gun would heed their warning and send it in right away? No. I can guarantee you there are people who chose to simply not send the gun in and sold it. Either way, it was not necessary to essentially trick people into sending the guns in even though Springfield has no plan in place to resolve the issue.

Mijan said...

Springfield lies once again folks, they became tired of me calling them so they had someone by the name Bruce Dufffield contact me saying he eas their lawyer, HOWEVER, he I find out IS NOT the lawyer, the REAL lawyer is Christopher Renzulli out of White Plains NY!!!
Seems to me springfield has a problem with lies, are we going to put our trust in a gun built by a company who can't even tell the truth ??

Christopher Lodge said...

I am looking for any xds owners that had their xds 45 delivered to SA on Sept 29th... or 30th. Since they will not disclose the order they received them, I would assume that those that got their pistols sent back the day after the recall should be receiving their upgraded pistol soon... unless they are hiding the fact that it has been almost 60 days and still have not upgraded any pistols. I believe they are keeping us blind so that we have no idea if they have implemented a solution. I had my pistol back to them on October 3rd but who knows where I could be in the Que... anyone get their upgraded pistol back yet?

Christopher Lodge said...

Who had their pistol delivered on 9/28/2013? Has anyone received their pistol back with the upgrade? I had my pistol delivered to them on 10/3/2013 but they will not tell me what number my pistol was received. I questiom whether or not they upgraded any at all at this point.

jrstokes87 said...

I keep seeing comments asking if people are starting to get their pistols back. Here's a piece of advice folks, be prepared to wait for a good amount of time. Springfield has already botched the upgrade process and I would be willing to bet they have only begun the upgrades to the guns if at all. In my opinion it will take another 2 weeks or more for the first guns to start coming back so just be prepared for that. Frankly I've been itching to get mine back and shoot it before Winter gets here but it doesn't look that is going to happen. I sent my gun in on the 3rd of September and I have heard nothing back since then. I even tracked my gun to the facility and it arrived in just under a week so they have actually had physical possession of my gun for over 6 weeks.

I don't know if they are just taking their sweet time doing the upgrades or if they are extremely disorganized or what but I am not expecting to have my gun returned any time soon. Definitely not before the first snows get here this year. I would seriously be surprised to see the first guns sent in to be back in less than 2 weeks from now. If they can pull that off I still may buy another Springfield at some point. However, if it takes them a month or more from this point to start getting guns returned, they seriously need to re-consider how they organize their company and who runs that place. Being prepared for recalls should be basic business practice for any modern gun maker. Not to mention, and I think this is important, the problem with the gun is so basic but essentially makes the firearm a flawed and unsafe design. Watch some videos on YouTube and you can see what exactly made it an unsafe gun to shoot. Just search for "XDS Recall".

Christopher Lodge said...

SA published that they completed and shipped some pistols back last Friday. If thet did, someone should be able to verify this. I have yet to find a status of any serial # to have been completed. Would feel a little more confident in the update if a customer could verify they did get theirs back. At this point, it is just another stall tactic to try and limit the volume of calls and emails.

Mijan said...

My XDS was received by Springfield the first day they started receiving them back, however mine has not been touched yet! I received my information about my gun directly from their OWN LAWYER, Bruce Duffield .... He says my gun should be shipped back to me by next week, but as of yesterday he changed and said by the end of next week!!! I don't believe Springfield, and I surely don't believe their lawyer!! You be the judge......

Christopher Lodge said...

My pistol was delivered on Sept 3rd but wasn't logged in until the 6th. They said that there was no possible way for them to tell me where I am at in the queue to be repaired. I was told this repeatedly which means that they cannot possibly repair the pistols in the order in which they received. They have the RMA numbers and delivery date and fedex history. They absolutely could put them in order and tell everyone what "number" they are in line, and could tell us what numbers have been repaired and shipped back. The fact of the matter is that they are either too ignorant to run a business or they do not care OR they are hiding something. Pick one. Either way it isn't positive for them. My guess is that they scanned the boxes and stacked them in a pile and are randomly taking a box and doing the repair. So first in is in the back of the pile. IF they started at all. Giving someone a number of which they were received is not complex... the unwillingness to do so tells me they are stalling and still trying to figure out a fix. Until someone says "I got mine back" I don't believe it for a minute!!!

Eric cohen said...

I am gathering together our recall numbers as an idea and then send to all the major news papers mine is xs660689 my gun was logged on Sept 13th I was original told via email and phone conversation my gun would be returned before October.I am interested in creating action not just talk, if we send a letter with all the false promises it should create enough buzz to create truth and action in a positive direction any better ideas are welcome But I have had enough of the false promises and stall techniques. Let me know please. Or possibly one of you all may have a connection with the media

Christopher Lodge said...

Mine was received September 3rd. They said they logged it into repairs on September 6th. My coworker's pitol shipped on the same truck and delivered the same day. His still says received. I will feel more confident when my pistol says shipped.

I sent quite a few emails asking for answers. I questioned why they couldn't tell me what order I was in. I offered several methods for them to figure it out... fed ex delivery date and theb sorted by RMA # for those delivered on the same day.

Not sure if they have gotten to the pistols received by the 3rd.... keep in mind that it was the day after a federal holiday so there was a few days of pistol backed up.

They could just be greasing the squeaky wheel... by completing my pistol at the start of those received that day or by changing my pistol status hoping they will get it fixed before I start to complain again.

Steve Brady said...

I shipped my XDS August 30th
It was delivered to Springfield September 3rd
Logged into Springfield's system September 9th
No change in status as of October 29th

Christopher Lodge said...

I am taking off work tomorrow to sign for my XDS sometime tomorrow by 8:00pm. It is at the destination sort facility as of earlier this evening. My coworker's XDS was also delivered on the Sept 3rd. They told him that his shipped out yesterday afternoon. September 3rd should be complete soon. They finished mine Friday evening but no FedEx shipments go out on Saturday.

Mijan said...

Got mine back today, pretty dirty looking, with a few scratches on it!! It was a brand new gun when I sent it in, clean with NO SCRATCHES, you don't think they are just rushing our new guns through a Croatian assembly line do you?
Mine went from "brand new" to a used good condition without firing a shot!

Steve Brady said...

I shipped my XDS August 30th
It was delivered to Springfield September 3rd
Logged into Springfield's system September 9th
No change in status as of October 29th
Gun shows fixed on Springfield's website October 31
I received my gun November 5th

jeff schumacher said...

Wow. There was a safety issue surrounding a handgun that required a recall. They probably were not expecting this and felt it was safest to get them back while they worked on the solution versus keeping them out there for another month. Besides, what sort of reliable protection could be offered if the gun fired a second round unexpectedly, regardless of the situation?

Mine was sent in Sept 9th and will return Nov 19th. Am I excited, yes. Could I risk the safety of those around me for my own selfish reasons, NO. While I wish there were better information upgrades through the process, I see the end result of a safe pistol taking a higher priority in this case. They are taking enough heat over this, I will not add fuel to the fire. I am very happy with my XDs and look forward to its return.

Just a guy said...

16000 people have read this post and most disagree. U are "very happy" with you XDs and I'm much happier without mine. So keep tours, by all means.

U have your perspective and I have mine. Ain't it great?

Eric cohen said...

I'm not sure how pathetic SA is going to keep posting how happy there vents are with this recall and time frame I smell bull crap big time I will be without my unfired gun for 4 months my opinion is they can stick that piece of junk where the sun doesn't shine.there is no repair a car a house motorcycle where 4 months is an acceptable time frame to receive back a brand new item In cars and bikes that's called a lemon and there are laws against this kind of treatment

Eric cohen said...

I just purchased the Nano 9mm smooth and no issues. I pre sold my Springfield . I will never buy or deal with them again. Worst experience on a brand new product. Most disappointing in the lack of info the allusive behavior and that there was no REFUND offered with a gun that was never fired. Most of all Sept 11th to Dec 24th is 4 months with everyone from springfield posting how happy every one is with the turn around . I think there all smoking a big fatty telling stories. Never again will I promote them or there guns. I will tell everyone I come into contact with the rest of my life how bad they treated everyone. 4 months REALLY Dam lemon gun

GL said...

To add to the list- SA received my XDS9 on 9-13.I signed up for updates, read PR hype, watched their video and immediately saw an issue...few extra guys around a work table to fix @150,000 reported guns. Then the lies are exposed. No fix in hand...but very close. Then promised dates of return. Then gov't shutdown and delay of parts. Have emailed customer service, spoken with CS reps, emailed Sales, and not a response beyond reading their script. Got call this morning gun ready. It will ship in 4-5 BUSINESS days. Why the explanation. Will it get to me by Christmas as REPEATEDLY PROMISED? Scripted non-answer again. Can't even order mags for these pistols from their site. Have handled retrofitted 45 and 9 in store. 45 had great trigger as my 9 had when I shipped it off. The 9 in the store had horrible long creepy trigger after it's repair. I'm 59 and this is absolutely the worst customer service and recall I've ever experienced. I don't want to hear anyone making excuses for SA anymore.

Mr T said...

Springfield has had my xds for almost 4 months now. I sent it on the 8th of November. They say they didn't get it until the 14th, a Saturday ? I have sent 7 emails with only 3 being replied back to me. They are now saying before the 31 of January. Today is the 29. I am so disappointed with Springfield that I'm seriously not going to buy from them ever again. There is no excuse for the delay. I also bought the xds new in the box and noticed the slide had already started to pit out from factory test firing. I don't know who's cleaning these pistols after test firing, But they aren't very good at their job. Mine was filthy. I haven't even been able to fire this pistol yet and it looks like it went 500 rnds. I have been a loyal customer of Springfield since I was in my early 20's.Now at 51, I have lost my faith in my New England family. I also think of how many times I racked the xds before going out. I am so lucky it never slammed fired on me. Mr "T".NH.