Saturday, November 02, 2013

How I resolved my XDs Springfield Arms problem: Sold it and bought a Taurus 24/7 GC Compact .45

Readers know how disappointed I was with the absolutely screwed-up recall that Springfield Arms just ran on the XDs .45 compact.

Here's how I resolved the situation:

Taurus PT24/7 G2C DA/SA DS .45
I picked this up today moments after I dumped my unfired Springfield Arms XDs .45, for exactly one dollar more than I paid for it.

The Taurus's advantages:

11 and 13 round magazine (XDs 2X6 mags came with the XDs) $444 new at Brightwater ($599 for the XDs @ Cabela in Lacey.)

Anyway, my long, tortuous time waiting to get my .45 back from SA ended: I took the money from that and picked up this, instead... which oddly has the precise same footprint, size-wise as a Walther PK380. I mean, exactly.  The Taurus is a little wider over all, and a little heavier, but that's to be expected.

They went their way... and I went mine.

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