Saturday, November 02, 2013

More of the Columbian’s stupidity: try living on food stamps this month.

As much as the Left hates that we know this part of the issue, the entire point of the program was to supplement, or add to, the amount of money being spent on food.

There is meaning to the phrase “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.”  It does not mean “replacement of your food expense dollars.”

As typical fringe-left nutters, whoever printed this idiotic idea that we should “try living on food stamps this month” is, stunningly enough, considering it’s the democratian, too ignorant to know what the program is about.

Yes, their program is being cut $36 a month.  For many families, but certainly not all, $36 a month is not going to injure them in the least.  For example, those of you who smoke might consider stopping.  Those of you who drink, might consider stopping.  Those of you who have cable TV might consider getting rid of it.  Those of you who have Internet, perhaps you should consider getting rid of that as well.  Because those are all lifestyle choices that you have control over… But you expect us, in so many instances, to pay for your decisions.

I don’t want to want to pay for any of it.  That fringe left outfits that blow our money like Share and in some instances the Clark County Food Bank want to have this little social experiment goes to the heart of the matter: it is not our job to feed everyone.  And this is from someone who volunteers every month for a local food bank.

Having been homeless for three years myself, and having had to go without myself, I fully understand what it is to be hungry.  Further, as a product of the welfare state, I fully understand what it is to be poor, and in poverty.  But people typically make their own choices.  And in this instance?

Are they doing everything they can to avoid having to be on this program altogether?

And if the democratian expects to force us to suffer pangs of guilt because finally, somewhere, somebody in government decided that we are in fact spending way too much on something, (which I actually tend to refer to as “progress”), then they’re looking at the wrong place in the dictionary.

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Political pizza said...

But they have no concern about the working poor who will have to pay tolls if they work in Oregon...