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Chapter 343 of "Lefty Lou's Madore jihad!"

Years ago, contrary to Lefty Lou’s protestations, this cancer on our community dropped any pretense of even-handedness or lack of leftist bias.

In today’s anti-Madoere rant, Lefty Lou explains his rank hypocrisy on the issue of freeholders.  Back when leftists were running the show, Brancaccio and his ilk were all about keeping us from having a more direct voice in government, and they did all they could to trash the very idea of freeholder elections to a charter County.

So today, Brancaccio tries to explain his hypocrisy by lying.
It's the M and M boys!

Folks have been wiggling around the edges when it comes to why we’re suddenly so interested in opening up our county to the freeholder process.
No one’s been “wiggling around the edges.”  The fact is that with the loss of a Democrat majority of the County commission, and with the overwhelming victories of the two staunchest local anti-CRC Scammer candidates, the only way the democratian and its fellow leftists could possibly impact local County policy was to do everything they could to switch positions on the freeholder issue to undo the election and try and take over government.

This isn’t rocket science: from the almost Frankensteinian village effort cooked up between Steve “Slimeball” Stuart and Lefty Lou, they’ve done everything from attempting to storm the Bastille of the County building with torches and pitchforks, to ginning up some fake reasons that are nowhere near sufficient to start a recall… Using the demonization of Don Benton as their excuse.

Among other blithering idiocies that Lefty Lou spewed in his column today was this nonsense:
So, for example, the freeholders could force all the county commissioners to wear clown masks. I’m not kidding! This should, I mean could, happen.

Yes, the voters would have to ultimately approve anything the freeholders decide. But I’m thinking most of us would be OK with the clown mask thing.
This is a lie, of course: people of this County can no more vote for this kind of nonsense than Lefty Lou can actually hope to impact the outcome of an election.  But when you’re delusional… Or, perhaps, off your meds, this is the kind of nonsense that immediately sprouts from the diseased mind.

And that Lefty Lou would even bring up the possibility of something like this goes to the heart of the matter: the man has a psychotic hatred of David Madore.  That’s what’s driving all of this; anything other than that is merely smoke and mirrors, eyewash designed the back-fill a justification for doing the unjustifiable.

It’s not unlike his idiotic support of the CRC scam… Or of the ballpark rip off… Or so many other things that it would have been or are more are harmful to this community.  This moron doesn’t get his own way… So what is he do?

He throws a hissy fit and attempts to use his ever-weakening newspaper as some sort of a 2x4, to hit somebody upside the head with.

So what’s the excuse for his rabid effort to try and undo an election that he and his ilk lost?
But back to the question I posed. Why freeholders now?

Well, you can thank one guy: County Commissioner David Madore. Madore is half of the M&M boys who currently run the county. The other half is Commissioner Tom Mielke. Not sure why, but I think of Boss Hogg and his sidekick Rosco P. Coltrane when I think of the M&M boys.
Swell.  And I think of Joseph Goebbels or Baghdad Bob when I think of Lefty Lou.  See how that all works out?

Let me help you with that Lefty... here's the "why": it’s because you’re a fringe-left, megalomaniacal asshole.

At least this serves as an acknowledgment of Brancaccio’s hatred of Madore.  And I suppose there is at least some minor element of integrity in admitting it.

It would save us all a great deal of time, though, if he would just come right out and say it in so many words, instead of… How did he put it?
“Wiggling around the edges?”
And Lefty, by the way?  Compared to the “goofy stuff” that you do, David Madore is a local version of Winston Churchill.

And then of course, knowing how much trouble Topper is in, he does some last-minute in-kind contribution campaigning for her, by babbling this nonsense.
Hey, let’s talk Vancouver City Council. And let’s not dance around the point here. Councilor Jeanne Stewart should win her race against newcomer Alishia Topper. Stewart is the incumbent with strong name recognition. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Topper is a bright, enthusiastic, knowledgeable challenger running an aggressive campaign. It feels like Stewart is being out-hustled.

I like both of them. Still, the city might just be in need of a fresh perspective. And Topper would deliver that.
One of the biggest problems Lefty Lou has is that he lies even when he doesn’t really need to.  He just refuses to come out and tell the truth about his political leanings and his political support.

The most obvious lie of the bundle above is that Brancaccio “likes both of them.”

Of those running for office that could be replaced, the only one that he’s writing about on this last column before the election is the one who opposes his CRC Scam.  So Lefty Lou’s all about a “fresh perspective.”

In reality what he’s talking about is silencing one of the leading local voices within the city against his CRC Scam.  He’s trying to sugarcoat it by talking nonsense concerning a “fresh perspective,” when in reality what he’s trying to do is just add another pro-CRC scamming lackey to the Amen Choir that is most of the city Council.

So it’s not about a “fresh perspective.” It is instead about silencing the city CRC critic.

Where Lefty Lou is such an abysmal failure is that he’s just not man enough to admit it.  Why not just say so?

The choices are clear between Stewart and Topper; you can get somebody who speaks for the people in Stewart, or you can get somebody who speaks for the Downtown Mafia in Topper.  Certainly being supported by a psycho like Lefty Lou isn't a reason to be voted for… In fact it’s definitely a reason to be voted against.

In the end, this is one of those rare occasions in the last 20 odd years, where I really have no idea what the outcome is going to be.

Lefty Lou’s incessant yammering in his attempt to demonize Madore may have been overplayed.  It certainly has become just part of the white noise of the background, since he doesn’t change much of what he writes week after week, and he babbles the same things over and over and over again.  One result of that more than likely is the up to now terribly depressed turnout of voters… Far below that of the last off-year election in 2011.

His effort to gin up a bogus recall campaign, having failed; his effort to get Don Benton fired by applying what he perceives to be his political pressure with a newspaper that really has no throw weight to provide any also failed... his utter and complete failure to EVER mention anything positive... that's what his words so valueless.

We have essentially, two constants in this election.

The first one: that the vast majority of the people of this County hate the CRC and are not likely to support those who have been trying to rip them off over it.  Essentially, I believe that much of that also includes the citizens in the city of Vancouver… Many of whom live to the east of 205 and frankly are sickened by what their City Council is doing.

The second is the fringe-left hatred of Republican control of anything… It remains to be seen how successful, if it’s been successful at all, Brancaccio’s efforts at demonizing Madore have become.  At the end of the day, though, most people are viewing this, I believe, as a political ploy… And recognize that over the years, Lefty Lou’s proven himself incapable of speaking for the people as opposed to speaking for his agenda and his fellow special interests… So when he babbles something like:
Madore has done so much goofy stuff — with Mielke going along — residents now are demanding a change in the way we govern.
He’s deliberately attempting to be overinclusive by referring to the rather nebulous term “residents.”

Of course, Lefty Lou and is fringe left ilk are “demanding” a change… They hate the fact that Republicans control the commission for the first time, perhaps ever.  And as a result, there’s nothing that can be done by the commission, save slavishly following along with their agenda, that would ever meet with Lefty Lou’s approval.

And that’s the rank hypocrisy of the situation.  Lefty Lou only wants people to have a voice when he thinks he can mold it into what he wants.  Otherwise, he would have supported the freeholder movement before he lost democrat control of the commission.. which is also why this scumbag wants everyone to vote "no" on the advisory votes as a rather idiotic protest against allowing us ANY voice.

So when things aren’t going your way, what do you do about it?  Well, you try and find a way to undo it.  And that’s the hypocrisy of all of this.

There’s only one difference between the County commission during that time, when Lefty Lou and his despicable rag and the democrat majority on the Council did all they could to keep the freeholder movement from taking off and now:

Republican David Madore defeated democrat Marc Boldt.

Here’s the thing: Lefty Lou isn’t blessed with any great superior knowledge or analytical skill.  He’s nobody special.  He’s just a guy with an agenda, except he’s got a bigger bullhorn… And from a bigger bullhorn frequently comes bigger amounts of bull excrement.

His babble this morning… Is a prime example of that.

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